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How to manage anxiety?

Question: I am a 46 years old male suffering from hypothyroidism and taking Eltroxin (100 mcg) and Telmisartan (80 mg) for the last one year. I have some anxiety problems. Can I take Amixide H for anxiety as no other medicine like melzap or alprazolam suits me? Due to anxiety, my blood pressure always becomes elevated.

How to manage anxiety?
High Blood Pressure
Created by Rahul Singh (1296 day ago )
  • Answer:Anxiety is a very natural emotional state but when it goes beyond a level that starts interfering with day to day functioning, it does become a problem. Anxiety can be contributed to by many factors apart from it being a maladaptive trait. For e.g., certain people may be anxious in many situations, or it may be restricted to specific situations / places / events; can be contributed to by physical health issues; and can even be enhanced by use of drugs, alcohol, smoking, having coffee etc.

    Thus, I would think it is be important to know about the kind, frequency of anxiety, as well as factors associated with it.

    I also think you would benefit from a complete cardiological check up given the history of hypertension and also your age.

      Answered by:  Dr Ashu Gandhi    |  Lead Psychiatrist,
    Adult Mental Health Program,

    Latest by Vishal Kapoor (1296 day ago )