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advance health check up( Female) (Lab Test)

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Soni Diagnostic Centre is offering you Happy liver,kidney& Heart  function | Complete  Checkup ( 42 Tests)

CBC (Coplete Blood check up)

Blood Glucose  Fasting  (Diabetes Check up )

 Post parandial Glucose  (Diabetes Check up )

Lapid profile (All Cholesterol Levels)

Lipid Function Test(Liver Function)

2D Echo (Heart Condition Check

Treadmill Test (Heart Functioning Test)

S. Creatinine (Kidney Function)

S. Uric Acid (Diagnosis of Arthritis )

S. Urea (Kidney Function)

Urine Routine ( Urine Infection)

S.Calcium (Bone Strength)

X-RAY Chest PA View (Infection in Chest )

Ultrasound Whole Abdomen (Sonography of Entire Stomach)

Consultation  by  Gynaecologist

Consultation by Internal medicine

Consultation Chest Physician

Consultation  by Dietician

Recommended for all Females with /Without any Risk Factor to check the key body parts like Liver, Kidney &Heart functions'

Heart Disease
Kidney Disease (Symptoms)
Pancreas and Gallbladder
X-Ray Scan
Liver Kidney Microsomal Antibodies