Ayurvedic treatment for bursitis

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Ayurvedic treatment for bursitis
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Bursitis indicates the inflammation of a tiny sac like tissue called bursa which remains filled with a fluid and acts as a cushion to absorb shocks between bones tendons joints and muscles. Due to vigorous and repetitive movement of the bone over bursa, inflammation occurs which leads to localised pain, swelling, redness, stiffness and warmth. The affected area is therefore unable to bear body pressure, causing immense pain. There are 160 bursae in the body. The most common sites of inflammation are shoulders, elbows, ankles, knee, buttocks, hips or thighs.

Bursitis indicates the inflammation

Treatment of Bursitis involves rest, compression with ice, intake of analgesics and anti-inflammatory medicines. However, Ayurvedic treatment for bursitis includes certain remedies which are very promising, cost effective and readily available. Owing to the side effects caused by the medications prescribed by physicians, ayurvedic treatment of Bursitis is preferred over other treatment methods.

Common herbal remedies for bursitis are

Application of warm olive oil, sesame oil, sandal wood paste, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and neem oil are effective herbal remedies for Bursitis whichprovide instant respite to the patient.

Deficiency of calcium and vitamin B12 leads to swelling of the bursa and consequently the concerned organ. Therefore oral intake of calcium, vitamin B12 and magnesium is also a part of ayurvedic treatment for Bursitis.

Prepare a mixture by boiling a tbsp of cayenne pepper with apple cider vinegar and apply it over affected areas for quick results.

Keep a grated potato overnight in a cup of water and drink the strained liquid before breakfast on a daily basis to soothe the pain. This is a proven herbalremedy for Bursitis.

Sea waters also have therapeutic properties and have proved to be very good in case of chronic Bursitis.


remedies for treating bursitis

The application of Rumalaya Forte and Rumalaya Gel is recommended as it has an ayurvedic formulation. They are very potent in lessening the inflammation. Herbs such as boswellia, licorice, guggul, five-leaved chaste tree form the base of this ayurvedic treatment for Bursitis.

Application of Ashwagandha, Turmeric and Boswellia are recommended to reduce stress on joints and inflammation.

Drink two cups of liquorice tea every day to get rid of inflammation and consequent pain.

Consume broth made from seaweeds such as kelp which is rich source of minerals to replenish the deficiency which causes Bursitis.

Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic treatment of Bursitis, those suffering from Bursitis are advised to practice yoga  to de-stress the body and alleviate the symptoms.