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I agree! There are many avenues to begin and could make your head spin in circles. I can only speak on what has helped me and my eCom business take off and will become profitable for both you and us.

why you should join?

Launching your online yoga, wellness or coaching business is an exciting and challenging first step. The growth and change in the yoga world is accelerating quickly nowadays

Creating your online presence is an incredible idea of expanding your business. Having local online business presence is very important.

Since parents/students search online for yoga classes closer to their homes

So here is a great opportunity for you where you can register and sign up on our KayaWell HealthCare Portal. It is also an application available on Play store and App store


 How it will be beneficial for your business?

It would help you in the following ways

  • It will increase your customer base
  • It will create your image in the  minds of customer
  • It will help in your promotion
  • It will enhance your goodwill
  • You can handle more patients at a time
  • You can generate more revenue
  • You will incur low overheads
  • You can send bulk sms to your customers
  • You can create multiple business locations


How to grow with KayaWell?

KayaWell is an Online Healthcare Portal where you can provide healthcare services online also while continuing your business offline. So here is a great opportunity for You to keep growing your business. You can post daily news related to yoga, you can give ads on it for any campaign or events launched by you, you can even describe offers and fees to be charged, and you can provide chargeable advice

About us

KayaWell is an online portal which provides healthcare services including diagnostic facilities. We strive to help, serve and solve the health-related challenges of customers by providing diagnostic services and provide the highest level of diagnostic confidence to referral physicians. We have an extensive catalog of tests covering a majority of the routine testing needs for most patients along with a choice of several preventive health care packages.

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