4 Exercises that are A Total Waste of Your Time

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The fitness center can be a confusing place with all the latest cardiac equipment, free weights and various machines for you to work out with. You just don’t know where to start and end up doing something that is worthless.

When at the gym, use your time the best way you can. Don’t waste your gym time doing the worthless exercises mentioned below.

1. Dumbbell Flys

Dumbbell Flays is an excellent exercise, but it isn’t for most people. The exercise requires high torque placed on the shoulder at its most compromised position, which is also the thing most people do wrong. The angle of tension and range of motion is inefficient for challenging the target muscle and thus, exercise turns out of no value. If you have to perform this exercise, you should be using cables and body positions that allow for more evenly distributed amounts of torque at the shoulder throughout the movement.

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2. Apple Push-up

Push-ups are excellent upper body workout. When you do them incorrectly, you may just be wasting your time. Most people perform apple push-ups wrongly. Your wrists, elbows, and shoulders should be all in one line at all times. Most people are only thinking of completing the reps and forget the form. Push-ups are worthless unless you do them properly.

3. Behind-The-Head Late Pull-down

Behind-the-head late pull-down is one of the most popular exercises nowadays. You will see everybody performing this one. The exercise is worthless if you don’t have flexible shoulders and impinge your shoulder. You might suffer great pain in your rotator cuff. Instead, you should pull down the bar in front and to the top of your chest. It will target the same muscle groups, in a safer way

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4. Hip Abductor

Hip abductor can improve your form, posture and prevent lower back or hip pain. The exercise requires quite an effort. The similar range of motion can be easily achieved by walking lunges, step-ups, cross-behind lunges, sumo squats, and hamstring and glute bridges. 

When you are at the gym, don’t go by the logic ‘something is better than nothing. Learn to streamline the process and how the exercises can get you results.