the best workout under 20 minutes

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Workout  must be done under the strict guidance and supervision of a trained and certified instructor. A twenty minute workout session is often performed by people who have been regularly exercising over a long period of time. Also, as the trend is, a twenty minute workout session can be incorporated in their daily routine by those who have a busy lifestyle and crave for a fit body.

Below mentioned are 5 twenty minute workout techniques which can be practiced sitting at home:

Power cycling is one of the most integral workouts in the twenty minute workout session. Try increasing your speed every time you peddle and keep the timer on. Your target should be to peddle 100 rounds in five to ten minutes.

Try the Crunch Superset which includes 10 crunches of the abs, 10 wide push ups, 10 tricep push ups and 10 left and right crunches respectively, all power-packed into one. This entire routine can alone take twenty minutes of your time but it does guarantee you a flat stomach and a cellulite free existence. You can repeat the cycle as your stamina increases.

This set of crunches can also be included in the routine every alternate day. This is called the Leg Superset. This is the combination of 10 crunches, 20 calf rises, 10 lungs per leg and 20 squats. This should be initially done under proper guidance as the stretches and the breathing should be monitored lest you pull a muscle.

Power jogging is an assured way of staying fit and is practiced as a twenty minute workout by many. This can be done on a treadmill or in a park depending on the time you have at hand. Many workaholics have a treadmill installed in their offices and work out whenever they find it convenient. While jogging your target can be time or the number of kilometres you can cover in twenty minutes. However, there should be no reduction in speed.

Swimming is the next best popular twenty minute workout put into practice by fitness freaks. Professional swimmers can reportedly swim up to a mile in twenty minutes. You can begin with 15 laps in twenty minutes and slowly go on to increase it. However, it should be kept in mind that the number of laps should not fall below your initially set limit. Apart from that, most people also opt for a combination of 100 situps and 100 push ups to attain that perfect body.

Now flaunting that toned body even while you are busy with your work will not be a problem if you follow the twenty minute workout schedule diligently. These workouts are a little advanced in nature and can often compel you to push yourself every time you are working out. The best part of this workout is that you need not follow it every day. Three days in a week is sufficient to make those heads turn!