Easy Health Floater Standard

Easy Health Floater Standard

  12/29/2017 6:04:23 AM
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Insured Amount: 500000
Policy Amount: 11329.00
Children: 1
Pre Hospitalization: Medical expenses that are incurred in 60 days before hospitalisation are covered
Post Hospitalization:Medical expenses after hospitalization for upto 90 days covered
Pre-existing Disease:
Hospital Room :  
Ambulance Charges: Co-Pay:  
Bonus on No Claim:  
Covered Networks: Co-Pay:0 
Tax Benifit:  
Organ Donar:  
Daily Allowance:  
Second Opinion:  
Minimum Age: 21 
Maximum Age: 65 

Day Care Treatments
All day care treatments that take less than 24 hours of hospitalization due to technological advancement but otherwise would have needed a day are covered

Hospitalization at Home
Treatments done at home due to patient condition or unavailability of hospital bed are all covered upto sum insured

Hospital Room Eligibility
There are no sublimits on availing rooms under hospitalization; total payment up to Sum Insured permitted

Alternate Medicine
Coverage of upto Rs 20 K for utilizing ayurveda, unani or other alternate medicine methods

Share Claim Payments
Full claims payment by Insurer; Customer doesn't bear any part of claim payments, for lifetime

Bonus on No Claim
Incremental cover up to Rs 50K added for every claim-free year up to a cumulative maximum of Rs 5 Lacs; reduction by Rs 50K if there is a claim

Restoration of Cover
No reinstatement of sum insured for a non-related illness if the original sum insured exhausted

Pre existing conditions
There is a waiting period of 3 years for coverage on conditions declared and existing at the time of first purchase

Ambulance Charges
Up to Rs 2000 per hospitalization offered for utilizing ambulance services; payable with hospitalization claim

Worldwide Emergency
No coverage provided outside India even under emergency

Domestic Evacuation
No coverage to utilize any emergency services for evacuation within India

This plan doesn't provide coverage for maternity & related claims

Health Checkups
Health checkup for up to Rs 5K permissible once for every 4 continuous claim-free years

Doctor-on-Call Service
This plan doesn''t provide a complimentary access to doctors on call

Health Assessment
This plan doesn''t provide any complimentary access to a Health Assessment Report

Wellness Factors
No complimentary access to any wellness services

Network Hospitals Covered
Apollo has a list of 4105 hospitals that offer cashless hospitalization

of the three variants of Easy Health Policy, 'Easy Health Standard' is
the first and most basic variant. It covers inpatient hospitalisation,
day care procedures i.e, the treatment that does not require an
overnight stay in hospital, home hospitalisation, hospitalisation
expenses of organ donor and ambulance expenses. In addition, it allows a
health check up after four continuous claim-free years. There are no
sub-limits in case of inpatient treatment. Cover for Ayurveda, Unani,
Sidha and Homeopathy is an added advantage.

Chronic Kidney Disease

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