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ProHealth Protect SB02

ProHealth Protect SB02

  12/27/2017 12:41:22 PM
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Insured Amount: 500000
Policy Amount: 3000.00
Children: 0
Pre Hospitalization: Medical Expenses That Are Incurred In 60 Days Before Hospitalisation Are Covered
Post Hospitalization:Medical Expenses After Hospitalization For Upto 90 Days Covered
Pre-existing Disease:
Hospital Room :  
Ambulance Charges: Co-Pay:  
Bonus on No Claim:  
Covered Networks: Co-Pay:0 
Tax Benifit:  
Organ Donar:  
Daily Allowance:  
Second Opinion:  
Minimum Age: 18 
Maximum Age: 100 

CignaTTK Health Insurance, that launched its operations in the year 2014,is a joint venture between the U.S. based global health services leader, Cigna Corporation and Indian conglomerate, TTK Group. Cigna Corporation, a fortune 500 company is the first US Health Insurance player to set foot in the country. Cigna’s partnership with the TTK Group is focused on innovative suite of health insurance products along with an enhanced customer service experience to the Indian market.The company is headquartered in Mumbai having a pan India presence spread across 15 cities of the country and offers products on healthcare, accident care and critical care. The company is focused on ProActive Living - an unique approach that provides assistance based on medical, behavioural and lifestyle factors associated with chronic conditions - to help customers understand and manage their health Cigna TTK has also been awarded the 'Best Promising Brands' 2015 by The Economic Times.

Key Features :

Hospital Room Eligibility

Up to single private room permissible for hospitalization in this plan

Day Care Treatments

171 listed treatments that take less than 24 hours of hospitalization due to technological advancement but otherwise would have needed a day are covered

Ambulance Charges

Up to Rs 2000 per hospitalization offered for utilizing ambulance services; payable with hospitalization claim

Bonus on No Claim

Rs 12.5K for every claim free year up to a cumulative maximum of Rs 2.5 Lacs; reduction when a claim exceeds sum insured to utilize cumulative bonus; optional rider to raise bonus by 25% annually

Ambulance Charges

Up to Rs 2000 per hospitalization offered for utilizing ambulance services; payable with hospitalization claim

Worldwide Emergency

Emergency treatments for issues when outside India are covered once per year, upto full sum insured

Domestic Evacuation

No coverage to utilize any emergency services for evacuation within India


This plan doesn't provide coverage for maternity & related claims

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