5 exercises that can help girls fast weight gain

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With the entire clamour about girls losing weight and wanting stay slim at all times, weight gain exercises for girls seem a little surprising.

Girls can also opt for weight training sessions. She should not be bothered about building muscles or appearing masculine after a stipulated period of time. This is because a woman’s body is not endowed with high levels of testosterone that help in building and rebuilding the muscle fibres. Hence, muscle training stands zero chances of making you look muscular.

Headstand or sirshasana

It is the most common yoga weight gain technique recommended for girls who are skinny. This often helps the hyperactive body relax. This posture also enhances the digestive system and increases the muscle elasticity. 

Matsyasana or the fish pose

Yoga is extremely beneficial for thyroid problems. Therefore, health care practitioners also recommend the Matsyasana or the Fish Pose that works out the abdominal muscles and increases the nutrition absorption in the body manifold. 

Free weight exercises

Free weight exercises can be performed under the guidance of a professional trainer. This stimulates the muscle fibres. Some free weight arm exercises for women that can help them gain pounds are French presses, triceps kickbacks and overhead triceps extensions. 

Dumbbell squats

Dumbbell squats can be difficult for girls at first but can help them build a solid foundation for putting on extra pounds.

Straight leg dead lifts

The exercise helps strengthen the lower back and helps you put on pounds. Girls must start with a light weight to ensure they are practicing proper form and later. 

Decide and focus on building one area of your body at a time. Be it legs, waist, shoulder or abdomen; make sure each part of your body is worked out properly. The key is to keep stressing and building your muscles till the time you are not out of your comfort zone.
Always go for weight gain exercises under strict guidance of a professional gym instructor. Repetition of sets is required which also varies according to the individual body type. Many girls throw in a lot of money in gyms and see no result as are not aware most of the times about what is right for the body and what is not.

A woman’s body type and the muscle density are far different from that of a man. So, the entire idea of a woman’s concern about gaining weight needs a lot of planning and consultation.
Weight Gain
Diet/weight Loss