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Jogging is by far one of the best exercises for weight loss, start your jog today with these simple tips!

How to Jog to Lose WeightJogging sounds boring doesn’t it? Waking up in the morning and then running outside in the heat, cold, rain or come what may? That is certainly not what you signed up for when you thought of losing weight, right? But get one fact straight; running is the most effective method of losing weight! You either like it or leave it! 

Set a goal

Any journey that you embark on needs to have an aim and motive, or else you will be lost. Your methods and ways, your weight loss goal, your weight loss regime and your mind set. Keep a record of your calories lost and calories found or simply just keep a count on your calories so that you know what you are doing.

Follow a program

Create a running program and do follow it strictly. It may be the quiet break of dawn or the sinister evening that gives you the inspiration. Whatever it is, be sure to follow it regularly, a day lost is a day of extra calories won. Keep the running for 20 minutes, also some sprinting in between so that you have an intense work out moment there. Also, if you have just started to run then you may begin with walking and then slowly take it to jogging.

Try inclined roads

To make your jogging more effective try and run on inclined roads. This can make your session more intense, thus aggravating your chances for a more effective weight loss. If you live in the plains then it would be difficult to find an inclined road. In this case you can always run up your stairs, and repeat this a few times.

Buy accessories

Now that you have made your mind to run, you must get yourself the attire. Buy a comfortable pair of running shoes, running clothes and a timer. Running shoes are necessary as it will make you more comfortable and will have more impact on your run. And workout clothes will make you more comfortable as they are usually manufactured in such a way that it doesn’t blot your sweat.

Start small

You cannot expect to be running a marathon from the first day, and therefore you should start small. Starting small will help you to build your jogging experience and you will be able to cover longer distances this way. Increase the distance that you will cover while jogging bit by bit and you will see that after a certain amount of time you are able to run longer distances with more grace and more enegy.

The last thing that you must remember is to eat well and healthy. Losing weight does not mean that you give up on your diet. Be sure to eat healthy and work out at the same time. Consult a dietician for a better result.

Men's Health
Weight Gain
Diet/weight Loss