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Surprise! The top of your list should have water followed by milk followed by fresh vegetable and fruit juices. The benefits are immense and the more natural fluids you consume throughout the day the faster you will gain weight. Also if you make natural juice or milk as a base for supplements you automatically add more benefits.

Protein drinks

Even though protein drinks are not the most recommended for weight gain, they can be as useful as solid food for the purpose. It is especially beneficial for people who want to gain weight and need to add protein. You can learn to mix your protein drink with skimmed milk by following the instructions on the label.

Types of drinks for Weight Gain

Whey - Whey is derived from processing milk into cheese. The best form is a mixture of whey concentrate and isolate. Those requiring increased stamina to lift heavier weights at later stages opt for isolates which contains about 90% protein. Lactose intolerant people may not digest whey and should look for other options. Casein protein is also a milk protein but whey is more popular and said to yield better results.

Soy - Soy protein is advised for consumption by women as it is rich in naturally occurring estrogen. Soy protein is also less likely to be allergenic. Men can also take soy protein and it is a popular gym myth that soy protein consumption can cause erectile dysfunction and promote gynecomastia or growth of breasts.

Egg proteins - Eggs are a storehouse of protein, a great alternative to whey and casein being lactose free. If one is not lactose intolerant yet want to benefit from different kinds of protein may opt for a protein drink which uses a combination of protein derived from different sources.

Vegetable proteins - Most vegetable proteins including peas are less likely to give you allergies still it is not entirely out of question. Yet, vegetable proteins are indeed easily digestible than their lactose counterparts.

Creatine - The acid creatine is also used in weight gain supplements and has recently become very popular among body builders. Creatine provides regulated energy and improves stamina. Naturally found in fish meat and packaged in weight gain drinks it is best combined with a drink heavy in both protein and carbohydrate content.

Carbohydrate drinks

Drinks high in carbohydrates are considered ideal for increasing weight and muscle mass. You need to discuss with your health care provider about having safe high-carb drink, as many of them have been found to be a health hazard. The advantage of these drinks is that they give you a high dose of energy to enable strenuous exercises for building muscles. You can add banana and milk to your carbohydrate drink and enjoy it as milk shake. You may add any fruits other than citrus ones.

Natural nutritional weight gain drinks

You can add calories to yourself with nutritional beverages such as milk and juices made from 100 per cent juice or vegetable. Add calories with a nutritious beverage such as milk, 100-percent fruit juices, or vegetable juice.

Special drinks

Some commercial drink supplements contain vitamins, minerals and also trace minerals along with their high calories. The sugar content of these drinks is also regulated so that even diabetic patients may have them.

In order to fulfil your aim of weight gain, you need to ensure that your caloric intake is higher than calories burned. The aim of weight gain is to increase muscle mass, fat deposits and maintaining a level of body fluids. You can have your pick of nutritional drinks to gain weight. This would largely depend on the kind of weight gain you are looking to have. Based on your requirement to gain weight, your nutritionist would recommend the right nutritional drink for you. Oral weight gain supplements are usually found in water soluble powder form and provide proteins and carbohydrates to increase muscle mass. Before making a selection it is advisable to not rely on gym trainers and consult a dietician after ruling out possible side effects and allergies. It also advisable to avoid prohormonal drinks as they may prove to be extremely hazardous to your health. Moreover, most supplements should be combined with strenuous exercise such as weight lifting to mobilise the extra nutrients otherwise you may risk kidney and liver damage.

Men's Health
Weight Gain
Women's Health and Pregnancy
Diet/weight Loss