5 Yoga Poses to Help You Connect Your Body and Mind

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In order to bring about a more holistic wellness in your life, you need to experience a strong physical body and perhaps more importantly, a clear emotional body. If your whole being is in resonance, you are poised to shift gears for meeting any emotional challenge. Physical exercise, done consciously for bringing this about, can help you achieve this. That is the great significance of Yoga over other forms of exercises. The control of breath in sync with body postures emphasized in yoga helps in bringing these effects.  You can also Try 4 Simple Yoga Asana to gain weight  In this Article  I will provide you below 5 yoga poses to tone your whole body .

Yogasanas for bringing yourself in resonance

Energisation - Stand with your feet parallel. Now, with an inhale move your hands up high overhead, as though the breathing in were bringing it about. Next, exhale your arms out keeping them at shoulder height. Keep your eyes devoid of any sort of strain. Feel your breath and focus on it while moving.

Tadasana - Keep your legs, waist and neck in a straight line while standing. Interlace your finger in front of you. Inhale and lift your hands with interlaced fingers up, palms facing upwards. Keep your breath and lift your heels gradually. Try to stretch your body as far up as possible. Your arms and legs should be straight. Exhale and gradually bring your heel and hands to normal standing position. Repeat this 5 to 10 times.

Trikonasana - Stand with your feet wider than your shoulders, and let the hands hang loose on either side. Inhale and raise right arm towards the sky while keeping the left arm close to the body and stretching downwards. Keep your arms and legs straight. When exhaling, bend towards the left to so that right arm is parallel to the ground, simultaneouly try to touch the ground with your left arm. Inhale and come back to normal standing position. Repeat these steps in the opposite direction, and do at least five sets.

Bhujangasana - Lie on the ground in face down position. Let you forehead touch the ground. Keep your palms just below the shoulder, such that the tips of the fingers are touching the shoulders. Keep your legs straight. Tilt your head a little back and while inhaling, lift your chest and head upwards by pressing down with the hands, but letting the back bend. Keep your breath and look up like a snake with its hood up. Be in this position for 8 to 10 seconds, before returning to the initial face down position. You can repeat this upto 5 times.

Sukhasana - Sit with both knees bend, back, waist and neck in a straight line. Keep your palms in the gyand mudra, tip of index finger touching the tip of thumb while the other three fingers are straight. You have revitalised your system, immunity has improved, circulation and digestion are better, and nervous system has been realigned. Feel the peace from inside, the stillness of your being. This is a step in the right direction of healing yourself from within.