Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

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Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily
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We all know that drinking lemon water can benefit our health. But is drinking lemon water daily OK?

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C - a nutrient that helps grow and repair body tissues. Although too much vitamin C is unlikely to be harmful, its excess is not recommended either. 

Too much of anything is bad, especially if it's our nutrients. Good health is about ensuring that the body gets its nutrients appropriately. 

What Does Lemon Water Do to Your Body?

Drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon could be beneficial to your health. Lemon water is high in vitamin C and organic elements, which can boost your immune system, protect you from infections, and improve iron absorption.

     It also aids in fat burning and weight loss.

     Vitamin aids in the formation of collagen, which enhances skin quality.

     Boost your metabolism while also improving your hydration.

     Gout and kidney stones can both be avoided.

However, It is critical to drink lime or lemon water according to your body's needs.

Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily 

A balanced diet is necessary for a healthy body. It gives your body proper nutrients, ensuring it keeps functioning at optimum levels. If you don't eat a well-balanced diet, you'll be more prone to disease, infection, fatigue, and poor performance.

In fact, we should drink water in moderation as well. Too much water can throw off the body's electrolyte balance, leading to hyponatremia, which can be fatal.

Similarly, we should not drink lemon water daily. Too much of anything is harmful to the body. Here are some significant disadvantages of drinking lemon water daily:

     Lemon Water can Upset your Stomach

Drinking lemon water daily can cause stomach problems if you have acidity issues. Lemon juice has an unmistakably low pH and should be considered acidic rather than alkaline. Lemon juice has a pH of 2–3, which means it is 10,000–100,000 times more acidic than water.

     Lemon Water can Damage Your Teeth

Lemon juice is an acidic drink, so if you drink a lot of it every day, you'll start to lose natural tooth tissue (enamel and dentine) in a process known as erosive tooth surface loss (or tooth wear). This process takes months and is gradual, but if not stopped, it can have negative consequences (sensitivity, poor aesthetics, and loss of dental function).

    Lemon Water May Cause Canker Sores

Canker sores are ulcers that develop inside the mouth, generally beneath the tongue or inside the cheeks. Acidic or spicy foods usually cause them.

Lemon water is high in citric acid. Lemon water's acidity may trigger or aggravate canker sores. Although most canker sores will go away on their own in a week or two, drinking too much lemon water can make them worse. You may feel discomfort when you talk or eat.

     Lemon water may cause Migraines

Migraines and headaches are among the disadvantages of drinking lemon water every day. Fruits rich in citric acid can cause headaches and migraines.

For some people, drinking too much lemon water might cause migraines. This is because citrus fruits contain tyramine, which can aggravate migraines.

     Lemon Water can Cause Frequent Urination

Lemon water is naturally diuretic. In more simple terms, they can cause you to urinate frequently. Over time, this could lead to tiredness, dry lips, and excess thirst. In the worst case, it can lead to dehydration,

     Lemon Water can Cause Acid Reflux

Lemon water will aggravate the discomfort for someone who suffers from acidity. Heartburn and acid reflux are two of the most common adverse effects of drinking lemon water. 

The acid in lemon irritates the food pipe's inner linings. When you drink lemon water on an empty stomach, it makes it worse, and people prone to acid reflux should avoid drinking lemon water daily.

How Much Lemon Water Should you Drink a Day?

Experts recommend drinking one or two glasses of lemon water with meals and one glass in between meals, made from the juice of two to three lemons (approximately four to six teaspoons). However, you don't have to add lemon to every glass of water you drink.

Too much of anything, like everything else in life, is never a good thing. (apart from happiness)

A high vitamin C intake can be detrimental, causing gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and stomach cramps. Because excess vitamin C is converted to oxalate in the human body, it can also favor the development of severe gout attacks and cause kidney stones.

If you're at risk for any of the conditions mentioned, drink your lemon juice in moderation. Limit your lemonade sip to twice or three times per week.

Should you Add Honey to Your Lemon Water?

When it comes to delicious juice flavor combinations, honey lemon water is right up there.

It's perhaps the most flavorsome detox drink.

Honey is antimicrobial and offers health benefits such as antioxidants, better wound healing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

So, suppose you have a head cold or an upper respiratory infection. In that case, whether viral or bacterial, a drink made with hot water, fresh lemon juice, and honey will relieve a sore throat while helping your immune system combat the sickness.

When consumed on an empty stomach, it can aid in weight loss. However, its high sugar and calorie content are unsuitable for those with blood sugar. As a result, it's better to consume it in moderation.

Should you Drink Lemon Water before Bed?

Yes, it promotes better sleep, keeps you hydrated, strengthens your immunity, aids digestion, and improves your mood. Remember that it is also acidic, so brush your teeth after 15-20 minutes. If you have any stomach issues, test a small amount first to ensure that it won't cause any difficulty.

Should you Drink Lemon Water before Bed?

There are no notable adverse effects if you consume lemon water on an empty stomach. Drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach daily, according to experts, helps keep you hydrated and replaces your body's lost nutrients.

On the other hand, lemon water can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and acid reflux if drank regularly.

Also, do not brush your teeth right after drinking lemon water. Wait at least an hour. Brushing immediately will allow the acid to react and wear down the teeth' enamel. 

Wrapping Up

It's time to say bye for now. Hope you now know all the disadvantages of drinking lemon water daily.

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