5 Insider Health Tips for Lakshadweep Explorers

Lately, Lakshwadeep has steered up a storm on the internet. And for all good reasons, people are now promoting its beauty and charm. We are sure that Lakshwadeep is going to welcome a sea of new travellers in 2024. If you are also planning a Lakshadweep stay, this blog will tell you all that you need to know about the tropical wonderland, including some fantastic tips to keep you healthy on your journey. 

Where exactly is Lakshadweep?

OK, we understand that this question is a no-brainer. All you have to do is open Google Maps on your phone and type “Lakshwadeep” and you will get all the details you need.

But we will share the details with you. 

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Best Time to Visit Lakshadweep

Well, when you go depends on what you’re after!

From March to May, the temperature warms up (29-35°C), offering budget-friendly and less crowded conditions. The tourists increase from October onwards when Lakshadweep enjoys dry weather with cool temperatures. 

For Specific Activities:

  • Scuba Diving & Snorkeling: Go between October & March when the seas are calm.
  • Water Sports: Anytime is cool, but the dry season is extra awesome.
  • Island Hopping: The dry season makes it smooth sailing.
  • Ayurvedic Treatments: Anytime works, but monsoon adds a refreshing touch.
  • Birdwatching: November to March is when cool migratory birds show up.

Other Stuff to Keep in Mind:

  • Festivals of Lakshwadeep: The islands have some cool cultural festivals all year.
  • Accommodation: Prices might be higher during busy times.
  • Permits: You need them to visit Lakshadweep, and they take some time. 

So, plan your trip when it suits your vibe and what you want to do!

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Importance of maintaining good health during your stay

When planning a trip as breathtaking as Lakshwadeep, you can’t be faulted for forgetting about your health. But if you are someone who is not too comfortable with a tropical climate, it’s always wise to prioritize your well-being and stay prepared. It will only ensure that you make the most out of your trip to the Arabian islands. 

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Top 5 Health Tips for Lakshadweep Stay

Lakshadweep climate is warm and humid all year, and it often rains. While this adds to the beauty, it also means diseases can occur. Knowing about the weather helps you plan better and stay healthy during your visit.

1. Quench Your Thirst – Stay Hydrated in the Sunny Bliss:

Lakshadweep is all sunshine and warmth, which might make you thirsty. No worries – keep that water bottle by your side. And hey, don’t forget about coconut water – it’s like a tropical hug for your insides!

2. Be Sun Smart and Bug-Free:

Lakshadweep’s sun is awesome, but too much can be too much. Slap on some sunscreen to keep your skin happy. And those buzzing mosquitoes? We’ve got you covered – use bug spray and maybe a net for a peaceful night’s sleep.

3. Island Workouts – Move Your Body, Lakshadweep Style:

Forget those boring workouts. Lakshadweep stays got exciting stuff like snorkelling and kayaking. It’s like playing but with bonus fitness points. Take it easy, though – listen to your body and enjoy the activities at your own pace.

4. Keep Your Mind as Relaxed as the Ocean Waves:

Holidays are not just for your body, but your mind too.  And there is no better way to relax than a stroll down the sandy beaches. Bonus tip- just put your phone on mute and let your mind rewind.  Remember, a happy mind is essential for a fulfilling travel experience.

5. Dive into Local Flavors – Enjoy Fresh Seafood:

Lakshadweep is surrounded by the sea, so why not savour some local delights? Try fresh seafood – it’s a tasty way to explore the culture and keep your taste buds dancing. Just make sure it’s cooked well to keep you healthy and happy! 

Tips for Affordable Lakshwadeep Stay

Embrace cheaper rates, fewer crowds, and the lush beauty of Lakshadweep! Here are some savvy tips:

  • Go monsoon (May-Sept): Cheaper rates, fewer crowds, lush beauty.
  • Ditch fancy digs: Stay in guest houses, and homestays, cook some meals.
  • Hop islands by ferry: Save big on fancy speedboats.
  • Skip pricey tours: Hike, snorkel, beach bum for free (bring snorkel gear).
  • Refillable bottle: Eco-friendly, saves on bottled water.

Try These Lakshwadeep Food Too!

Lakshadweep’s food is a tropical delight! Here are some must-try dishes:

Seafood Stars:

  • Tuna Curry: Spicy and rich, a perfect match with fluffy rice.
  • Lobster Masala: Creamy and luxurious, each bite is a delight.
  • Mus Kavaab: Fragrant rice with tuna fish, veggies, and spices, cooked to perfection.
  • Kadalakka Curry: Spicy black chickpeas in creamy coconut milk, a veggie treat.
  • Squid Fry: Crispy outside, tender inside, a tasty healthy snack with tangy dips.

Island Favorites:

  • Kallummakaya Curry: Jackfruit in coconut curry, a unique treat.
  • Pathiri: Flaky flatbreads, perfect with curries or coconut chutney.
  • Moplah Biryani: Aromatic rice with meat or seafood, a flavorful mix.

Sweet Treats:

  • Unnakaya: Sweet banana rolls, crispy and gooey.
  • Kinnapatham: Rice flour pudding with jaggery and coconut, a warm dessert.

And in case you are wondering- everyone’s favourite is coconut Water (Nature’s hydrator, sweet and tropical).


Q1. What does Lakshadweep mean?

The name “Lakshadweep’” has Sanskrit and  Malayalam origins. It  translates to “a hundred thousand islands.” But, there are in reality just 36 islands in this stunning archipelago!

Q2. How to reach Lakshadweep?

    You can catch a direct flight from Kochi Airport in Kerala. There are many early morning and evening flights to Agatti, the main airport in Lakshadweep. If you’re up for a more adventurous journey, consider taking a ferry from Kochi. 

    Q3. What are some popular festivals of Lakshadweep?

      Lakshadweep celebrates a vibrant mix of Hindu and Muslim festivals throughout the year. Eid in particular is celebrated with great joy and delicious feasts. Expect colourful processions, decorated mosques, and traditional dances.

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