International Day Of The World’s Indigenous People

Every year on August 9, people around the world celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People to support and defend their rights. The achievements and efforts of indigenous people to global issues like environmental preservation are also recognized during this occasion. The UN General Assembly declared it for the first time in December […]

4 mins read

What Kind Of Services Provided by Home Healthcare Organization?

what kind of service given by home healthcare organization? As Name expressed Healthcare agency gives Service to Patient home. Kayawell a New start-up Providing These Service Many of Profession working in That and give benefit them. Medicinal services organization give benefit by incorporates to Physician, Nursing staff, Physical treatment, Speech treatment. Home healthcare agency gives […]

1 min read

Register Diagnostic Services on an Online Healthcare Portal | KayaWell

KayaWell is an online healthcare portal that provides healthcare services including diagnostic facilities. We strive to help, serve and solve the health-related challenges of customers by providing diagnostic services and providing the highest level of diagnostic confidence to referral physicians. We have an extensive catalog of tests covering a majority of the routine testing needs […]

2 mins read
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