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KayaWell is an online healthcare portal that provides healthcare services including diagnostic facilities. We strive to help, serve and solve the health-related challenges of customers by providing diagnostic services and providing the highest level of diagnostic confidence to referral physicians. We have an extensive catalog of tests covering a majority of the routine testing needs for most patients along with a choice of several preventive health care packages.

Diagnostic services

  • Medical test
  • Blood test
  • X-Ray

How it is helpful to grow a diagnostic center Business?

  • It saves the extra time and effort required to get the diagnostic test done from somewhere else.
  • All possible labs and diagnostic centers are available in one place
  • Provide services at home as well.
  • Reasonable prices to serve every section of society.
  • Provide you accurate and reliable report.
  • Offer wellness packages at attractive prices.
  • Ease to choose the expert of your choice
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How to book diagnostic tests at the online healthcare portal?

You need to request an appointment from any of our healthcare experts of your choice and need to fill in your details. After confirming your appointment, you can go for the required tests on the scheduled date and time and get your tests done.

Register Yourself to Grow Your Business

Kayawell healthcare portal provides a free service that allows hospitals, diagnostic centers, and doctors to register themselves. Kayawell receives millions of visitors from around the world, allowing it to connect patients with doctors and the healthcare industry. Please click on the free listing on the website header to register as a doctor, clinic, hospital, or lab.


Any physician, doctor, lab, hospital, or clinic can register on the Kayawell online healthcare portal to expand their business. Kayawell offers free registration and promotes it to millions of visitors. Kayawell is a popular online portal for the healthcare industry which has millions of organic visitors because of the quality and right information and trust.

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