Tips to Lose Belly Fat at Home

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Are you worried because of too much belly fat? If yes, then you are not alone. Belly fat is a common cause of concern among people of all ages. Even people who are not overweight or obese can have belly fat. Excess belly fat puts the internal organs as well as the heart and liver at risk. In this blog, we share some easy-to-follow tips to lose belly fat at home.

What exactly is belly fat?

Belly fat, as the name suggests, is the fat that accumulates around the abdomen. It can be categorized into two types: visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. The former surrounds a person's internal organs, while the latter builds up beneath the surface of the skin. In any of the cases, the concern for most is how to lose belly fat fast.

This blog is the perfect belly fat burner guide. Hope by the end of it you will have all your questions answered with the perfect roadmap to get rid of that belly pooch.

Can you Lose Belly Fat at Home?

Intense workouts, long hours in the gym, and lifting heavy gym equipment are some of the things that come instantly to mind when we think about burning belly fat.

But you don’t always have to go to a gym to lose belly fat.

Rather, the majority of people may lose belly fat by making crucial lifestyle changes which include following a healthy diet rich in protein, vegetables, fruit, and legumes, and exercising regularly.

The Best Diet to Lose Belly Fat

Experts say: “Fat loss is 10% exercise and 90% diet.”

Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the primary reasons for belly fat. Improving one's diet, increasing physical activity, and changing one's lifestyle can all assist in losing belly fat fast and easily.

A healthy diet to reduce belly fat or pretty much anything can be summed up like this:

●   You must enjoy your new diet. Otherwise, you'll quickly revert to your old eating habits.

●   Your new diet should not be too expensive. You should be able to afford it.

●   It should be something you can stick with for the rest of your life.

Keeping in mind the above points, here’s a list of changes that you can make to your diet easily.

1. Eat more protein

Protein is particularly effective against belly fat. You must burn more calories to lose belly fat and overall body weight. Increasing your metabolism can aid in the loss of belly fat. Protein boosts your body's metabolism.

Here’s are some protein-rich foods that are the perfect belly fat burner:

●   Eggs are a low-calorie, high-protein, high-nutrient food. They can aid weight loss, especially when consumed as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

●   Beans and legumes are high in proteins and amino acids that can help you consume fewer calories and fats. Beans' fiber content also helps you feel fuller faster without adding extra calories.

●   Full-fat dairy products, such as yogurt and nonfat cheese, are significantly more effective than other sources in accelerating fat reduction. Milk may also aid in weight loss and the reduction of belly fat.

●   Green tea, leafy greens, and brightly colored vegetables can assist to reduce inflammation and prevent obesity.

2. Eat fewer carbohydrates

If you consume a high-carb, high-sugar diet regularly, your insulin levels will gradually rise, and you'll have a larger risk of storing belly fat. That’s why eating fewer carbohydrates should be on top of your priority list. Here is a list of food items that you should limit if you want to lose belly fast:

●   Caffeinated drinks

●   Bagels

●   Jelly and preserves

●   Baked food like muffins

●   White bread

●   White rice

●   White pasta

●   Pizza

●   Pancakes

However, there are some good carbs as well. If you feel that the above list is hard to resist, you can easily find some tasty alternatives that you can much at any time such as chickpeas, quinoa, lentils, brown rice, and more.

3. Eat fiber-rich foods

Oats, psyllium husk, and chia seeds are all high in fiber, which helps to keep body fat at bay.

Things You Should Avoid

Now, let’s get to the foods you should avoid if you wish to lose belly fat fast.

               Sugary Drinks

Increased use of sugary soft drinks has been linked to increased weight gain and obesity risk in both children and adults. It's easy to consume more calories than you need because sugary drinks don't fill you up as quickly as solid foods.

        ●       Ice Cream

Ice cream has a lot of fat and sugar, which raises the calorie count. As a result, ice cream is a food that, if consumed in excess, will surely play spoilsport to your weight loss goals.

               Pastries, Cookies, and Cakes

Cookies, pastries, and cakes include substantial amounts of sugar, refined flour, and additional fats. They contain a lot of calories. To maintain a healthy weight and lose your belly pooch, you should limit your intake.

        ●       Fried Foods

If you eat a lot of fried meals, your calorie intake will be way more than normal, which can lead to weight gain. Because fried foods are high in fat, they take a long time for your digestive system to break down, causing you to gain weight, particularly belly fat.

Exercise Regularly to Burn Belly Fat

The best exercises to lose belly fat are running and brisk walking. Furthermore, these activities do not require costly gym memberships or equipment. All you need to do is get a pair of comfy running shoes and you're ready to go.

Other activities that you might try are swimming, cycling, rowing, mountain climbing, and yoga.

A word of advise would be to check in with your doctor before you take up any rigorous form of physical activity. Especially if you have medical condition's like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.

Maintain a Food Diary

Keeping track of your food consumption will reveal a lot about your eating habits. Your findings will be more accurate if you are honest about your calorie intake.

You might discover that you're skipping foods that burn belly fat. It also teaches you to take responsibility. You'll be aware when you're approaching your daily calorie restriction if you keep track of your calories.

You can see how balanced your meals are by tracking each one, which might help you make better decisions. You can't help but use the caloric density of your meal in the future to assist you to attain your goals once you know it.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoke

Alcohol and smoking have to be a big NO if you plan to lose belly weight.

According to new research, heavy smokers are more likely to develop pot bellies than light smokers. While smokers may have better overall weight control, chronic tobacco use, according to studies, tends to shift fat to central areas, resulting in a protruding stomach.

Alcohol can affect your body's fat-burning process. When you drink, your body places a higher priority on alcohol breakdown than fat burning. Additionally, because your body burns alcohol calories rather than fat, reducing weight may take longer.

More than belly fat, alcohol and smoking have other life-threatening risks as well. So it is always wise to abstain from such habits for a healthier and happier life.

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Bottom Line

Even if you are not overweight and yet you have fat around your belly, it should be a cause of concern. Unchecked or uncontrolled belly fat can lead to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Hence, you mustn’t ignore that little belly pooch of yours.

A good first step is to get in touch with a dietician. Depending on your needs, a dietician will curate the perfect diet plan that assists you to burn belly fat fast.

Using the Kayawell platform, you can instantly get in touch with experienced and most trusted dieticians near you. So don’t wait. Fill out this form and start your fat to fit journey today!