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What does balloon dilatation mean?

Question: I am a 41 years old female suffering from achalasia cardia or oesophageal motility disorder. I feel severe pain while swallowing. What is balloon dilatation?

What does balloon dilatation mean?
Nose and Throat
Created by Rahul Singh (1296 day ago )
  • Answer:Balloon dilatation is a generic term, which refers to inserting a balloon in a narrowed orifice or area and then dilating the balloon with the view of opening up the narrowed area. This is a common technique and has varied applications. It may be used for the coronary arteries, where it is called PTCA or Stenting or it may be used for opening a valve of the heart (Balloon Mitral Valvotomy / Aortic Valvotomy) or it may be used for opening narrowed ducts in the gastro intestinal tract or strictures in the food pipe or urethra etc.

    Answered by:  Dr OP Yadava    |  CEO & Chief Cardiac Surgeon,
    National Heart Institute, 
    New Delhi

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