Adding Dumbbells to the Home Gym for Muscle Building

Getting on a fitness journey for your mind and body’s wellness is always possible. You can achieve good health through different exercises. However, if you have a specific interest in weightlifting, you might be curious to know how much weight you should lift. When you know this, shopping around dumbbells becomes easy. In gyms, you see a range of weights lying on the floor or racks. As you go, you try one by one to understand your strength. But buying for home is something different. You want to know what will suit your need before burning your money. Let’s undo this confusion.

Dumbbell Sets

So, you get these in light to heavy formats. The light dumbbells can be good for your small and weak body muscles. People use lightweight dumbbells to build biceps through intense workouts and high repetitions. You can try different exercises with them, such as concentration curl, incline curl, and hammer curl. Hammer curl gives you upper body strength. You stand upright with legs and knees in alignment with the hips. Arms stay on the sides, with each palm holding a dumbbell. You bring the weights up to your shoulders with elbows bent and upper arms stationary. Like this, others also follow a pattern. If you want to grow triceps, tricep kickback with light dumbbells can help.

Upper-body strength building can be possible through medium-weight dumbbells. Bodybuilders usually do dumbbell bench presses, and the dumbbell flies for the chest. Arnold press or shoulder press exercises can help with gaining more muscular shoulders. Some people do back muscle workouts also with dumbbells. When it comes to leg strength, heavy dumbbells can be the best. You can check MTL Weights for options. Do the goblet squat with the weights if you want to use the glutes and thighs. Romanian deadlift can be excellent for the hamstrings.

Are You Still Doubtful About a Weight Choice?

You get different types of dumbbells in 1-10 kgs and 5-50kgs ranges. Beginners can start with light and medium options, which also tend to be affordable. However, choose the adjustable dumbbell varieties if you want an easy path. You can set the weight from lower to higher based on your strength and exercises. Essentially, these versions come with multiple ranges in one package. As a result, you can do all the workouts with one pair. And if you want to improve your strength game, get a dumbbell bench. It will help you combine weights with bench press exercises for a full-body workout.

Before using the dumbbell, you can lift household objects to understand your comfort and fitness level. Anyone wanting to do a full workout will need all the types of weights in their home gym. If you choose medium-weight dumbbells, make sure these are double heavier than the light set. Likewise, heavy dumbbells should be 50% weightier than a medium pair. Some people follow the guidance of trainers or instructors before making choices. You can do the same. In their presence, you can also correct your posture and movement to reap maximum benefit from your workouts.

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