Color the World Orange Day

Since 2014, the Color World Orang Day for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also called reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) awareness, has been known as the first Monday in November. It is a day for the entire world to come together and demonstrate that we are united even though we are in pain.

The first Monday of November is celebrated. It will be held on the 2nd of November this year.

A type of chronic pain syndrome is CRPS / RSD. It normally takes place after an accident and affects one limb (arm, leg, hand, or foot). Although CRPS / RSD is not yet fully known, it is assumed that when the central or peripheral nervous system is compromised or malfunctions, it grows. It may also be triggered by a reaction from the immune system.

For members of the medical field, this event was a perfect opportunity to learn what it is like for those of us with CRPS and the organizers understood this. Members of the Facebook community of CRPS South Australia were invited to participate in the evening by a 5-minute talk on what it is like to live with CPRS.

This is an annual campaign to raise awareness of RSD / CRPS chronic pain syndrome. Orange will be illuminated in more than 100 locations around the world, including many billboards in Times Square, Niagara Falls, CN Tower in Toronto, Trafalgar Square Fountains in London, and several locations in Australia. 60 proclamations were released acknowledging global recognition of RSD / CRPS.

Why Color World Orange Day?

CRPS / RSD is a chronic condition of pain where the person has a constant, prolonged, and sometimes burning pain that is typically more constant than the actual injury.

The person experiencing CRPS / RSD will display signs of variance in skin color and the affected region’s temperature.

Swelling, sweating, and skin irritation will also be experienced by the person. This is because, because of a deficiency in the nervous system, high amounts of nerve impulses are sent to the affected region.

The other signs include reduced mobility, changes in hair, and nail development due to stiff and swollen joints.

CRPS / RSD does not have a remedy. Analysis, to find a cure, is still being performed. Treatment, however, requires psychotherapy, pain management, and physical therapy.

How can we observe Color the World Orange Day?

Wear Orange!

The easy way to express your support is to wear orange-coloured clothes or accessories! To inspire others and increase awareness of CRPS / RSD with hashtags # ColorTheWorldOrangeDay # CRPSOrangeDay # CRPSOrangeDay, click photos and post them on social media.

Plant a Sapling of Orange By planting an orange sapling in your backyard or one sapling as a party, you can show support!

Turn Orange into your local landmark

You may request permission to turn all your local landmarks into orange to color the orange planet.

• Air CRPS / RSD TV tales

Invite local TV networks to raise awareness of CRPS / RSD and people’s stories to understand the suffering they are going through!

Organize fund-raising events

You may arrange various baking, sports, games, marathon running, or any other exciting shows and collect funds for CRPF / RSD supporting NGOs.

• Information booth for CRPS / RSD

You can set up an information booth on CRPS / RSD to exchange info!

. With orange goodies, fill your plate!

By preparing orange cupcakes, cookies, or just getting oranges, you will raise awareness at home! You should inspire the family to dress in orange and keep the theme based on food! The kids would enjoy decorating the orange home!

Encourage the dissemination of knowledge through local companies

Speak to your local businesses and support them by giving orange ribbons along with CRPS / RSD pamphlets to raise awareness. For your employees, you should do the same!

• Post an article

An article on CRPS / RSD can be written and published in your school/college/company newsletter. You can ask them to publish your story, or persuade them to publish one if you can contact the local newspaper!

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