Find a Good Doctor Nearby You with Easy Tips

Most people, including physicians, rely on personal references to find a good doctor. But it’s being difficulty when you are new in the town and nobody is there to suggest about a good doctor nearby location or in the city.

Same thing I faced when I needed to see a doctor and I was new in that city. So there was no any chance to know a good doctor, personally. Thanks to the technology that made it easy to find a good doctor even nearby my location, too.  

This is the 10-step process that I used to help them navigate their way to an excellent specialist — I hope it helps others you find the right doctor as well!

  1. Decide what kind of doctor you require.

There are many different doctors for the same disease. Suppose you have “back pain” and you should you see an orthopedist, an anesthesiologist, a rheumatologist, Physician, a neurosurgeon to evaluate your symptoms?

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That depends on the cause of the pain, which might not yet be evident to you. The first step to finding a good physician is to figure out which type is best suited to your potential diagnosis.

Find a Good Doctor Nearby You with Easy Tips

Bouncing from specialist to specialist can be costly, so if you’re not sure which kind of physician specializes in treating your disease or condition (or if you haven’t been diagnosed yet), start with a primary care physician first.

If you’d like to ask an online physician about your symptoms (or find out which specialist would be the most appropriate for you or your loved one, is my favorite online healthcare solution portal.

2. Check full list of the doctors in your nearby location.

Healthcare solution portal provide you the full list of the doctors (regarding your symptoms) at your nearby area. Yes, they detect your location and get you the doctors or clinics at your nearest location, even with Google-map help, so that you don’t face any issues to find the address when you are not having good health.

3. Check out the doctor’s background and their experience:

Kayawell shows you the full details of the doctors or physician; you are looking for… such as-

  • Hospital affiliation
  • Educational background
  • Languages spoken
  • Years in practice
  • Gender
  • Office Address
  • Specialty
  • Types of insurance accepted
  • Reviews.

Make sure they’re accepting new patients. 

4. Make an appointment.

Find a Good Doctor Nearby You with Easy Tips

Consider the following qualities in a good physician experience:

The team: courteousness of scheduling staff, professionalism of nurses, PA’s, techs, etc.

Facilities: cleanliness, comfort

Medical records/communication: How will they provide you your data? EMR? Email?


5. Take along with you when you visit the doctor.

Find a Good Doctor Nearby You with Easy Tips

Don’t forget to carry your previous medical history you had. Such as-

  • Full list of medications, you are already using.
  • Your past medical & surgical details.
  • Your allergies details.
  • Detail about your other physicians/providers.
  • Carry your insurance details.

6. Ask the right questions.

The main important part of the discussion is that, we always hesitate to ask queries to doctors.

Find a Good Doctor Nearby You with Easy Tips

Ask them every small question; you have in your mind. Like-

  • How many procedures have you performed previously?
  • About the risks and benefits of the treatment? Or the Alternatives?
  • What should I read to learn more about this?
  • About the diagnosis: What else could this be?
  • How much it cost or will my insurance plans cover it?
  • Are there other medicines that are less expensive that we could substitute?

7. Go with your gut.

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  • Did the doctor explain everything clearly?
  • Did the doctor seem to care about you?
  • Do you trust your doctor to be thorough with follow up?
  • Do you like your doctor?

8. Get a second opinion.

If the doctor did not meet your expectations in any significant way, find another one.

If you want to be sure that you’re on the best path, get a second opinion from one of his/her peers or do it online:

9. Reward good doctors with good online recommendations and reviews, so others can benefit.

Physician ratings are only as reliable as the reviewers. Help other patients locate good doctors by promoting those who deserve it.

I hope that post will help you to find a good doctor nearby location or in your city. Through kayawell you don’t need to hesitate.

Kayawell also offers the diagnostic lab test at lowest price. If you have any doubts or queries, ask us directly. Our customer support will provide you assistance that you need.

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