Importance and Celebration of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of brother and sister bonding which share a unique relationship that is equally unbelievably strong and challenging to describe. The relationship between siblings is unique and highly regarded throughout the world. However, the bond becomes significantly more important because of a festival in India called “Raksha Bandhan” that honors brother love.

This unique Hindu festival is celebrated in India and other nations, such as Nepal, to represent the love between a brother and a sister. The Hindu lunisolar holiday of Raksha Bandhan is observed on the day of the full moon in the month of Shravana, which corresponds to the Lunar calendar month of August.

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What is the Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is made up of 2 words first “Raksha” and second “Bandhan”. According to the Sanskrit language, the event refers to “the tie or knot of protection,” where “Raksha” denotes the concept of protection and “Bandhan” denotes the action of tying. This festival shows brother and sister’s love and their bonding towards each other. Cousins, sisters-in-law, fraternal aunts, nephews, and other family members of a similar nature also participate in the festivities.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan in Hindu Religion

Raksha Bandhan is a very important and sacred festival in Hinduism. Rakhi is tied to her brother by her sisters, who then pray to God for his wellbeing and ask him to promise to guard her against harm. People also tie the rakhi around their wrists to show their friends and other close ones that they care for them.

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Reason Behind the Celebration

As the name suggests, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is for protection. There are lots of stories in history and Hindu mythology that show the importance of Raksha Bandhan. On the festival of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their brothers and take a promise of their protection from them.

Raksha Bandhan Festival Origin

There are various legends encompassing the festival of this one-of-a-kind occasion, which is known to have its foundations hundreds of years prior. Coming up next is a rundown of a portion of the various accounts of Hindu folklore:

As per the unbelievable story of the Bhavishya Purana, Indra Dev and Sachi once took part in a fierce conflict with evil presences. The imposing evil spirit King, Bali, set up areas of strength against Lord Indra, the central divinity of the sky, downpour, and thunderclaps who was battling the conflict on the Gods.

The contention went on for an extremely extensive stretch without reaching a decision in an obvious manner. At the point when Sachi, Indra’s better half, saw this, she went to Lord Vishnu, who gave her a sacrosanct cotton string armband. At the point when the evil spirits were at long last vanquished and the Amaravati was recovered, Sachi folded the heavenly string over the wrist of her significant other, Lord Indra.

These sacred strings were referenced in a previous depiction of the occasion as ornaments that women utilized as charms and affixed to their spouses before they left for the fight to come. In spite of the present, sibling-sister connections were by all accounts, not the only grand associations that existed.

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Next 5 Years Dates

These are the Raksha Bandhan festival date for the next 5 years.

  • 2022 11th August on Thursday
  • 2023 30th August on Wednesday
  • 2024 19th August on Monday
  • 2025 9th August on Saturday
  • 2026 28th August on Friday

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Mantra for Raksha Bandhan

Following is the mantra in Sanskrit that is recited while tying rakhi on the sibling’s wrist.

येन भादो बली राजा दानवेन्द्रो महाबलः |

तेन त्वानामिभाद्नामी त्वामाभिबध्नामी रक्षे माचल माचल ||


Rakhi is a holy festival of Hindus which is celebrated with great pomp. It is a symbol of mutual love and trust between brother and sister.  Raksha Bandhan has more profound importance instead of simply being a favorable day to celebrate siblinghood. This celebration’s essential objective is to unite the individuals who don’t have heartfelt associations with each other yet wish to stay associated all through their lives as kin.

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