Roop Chaturdash

Narak Chaturdashi is also known as Roop Chaturdashi. Lord Krishna is worshipped on this day. A person’s visual appearance is enhanced by worshipping Lord Krishna. According to a famous story associated with Narak Chaturdashi, a saint used to live in a place called Hiranyagarbha. Once this saint tried to invoke the Lord by praying to him. He offered austerities and faced a lot of problems.

Due to the problems that he had to face, he was distressed and tensed. Narad Muni visited him and asked about the problem. The saint asked Narad Muni why he had to face so many problems despite worshipping the Lord. Narad Muni told him that he had prayed in an inappropriate manner and that was the reason why he had to face so many problems.

Narad Muni suggested that the saint should keep a fast on the day of Chaturdashi in Kartik Krishna Paksha. He also suggested that the saint should worship Lord Krishna on this day. Narad Muni assured him that he would be beautiful and healthy if he does so. The saint followed all different principles of the fast and became healthy and beautiful. Due to this, Narak Chaturdashi came to be known as Roop Chaturdashi.

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