Sadbhavana Diwas

Sadbhavana Diwas is celebrated on the 20th of August every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of the erstwhile Prime Minister of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi. 2016 will see the celebration of Sadbhavana Diwas marking the 72nd birth anniversary of Shri Rajiv Gandhi. Wreaths and garlands are laid by the family members and senior Congress party leaders, the political party that Shri Rajiv Gandhi represented, on the Veer Bhoomi, where he was cremated.

Sadbhavana in English means Goodwill and Harmony. Thus when translated, the day is Harmony Day for India. Shri Rajiv Gandhi as the youngest Prime Minister of the nation tried to propagate communal harmony, peace, and national integrity within India and was known a goodwill ambassador to the world. Being young, his thought process was modern, and he had the vision of a developed nation through many national as well as international projects that he pioneered. Sadbhavana Diwas will be celebrated all over India on 20th August, 2016.

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