Sanchayika Day

Sanchayika Day is used to celebrate on the 15th September to encourage all the Students to save a lot of money for their own future by opening a Sanchayika Scheme for their own bank account savings. Sanchayika Day is used to create a lot of ideas and plans to make the Students become lot more curious to save their money for the future activities when they can’t be able to do the job for their Finance. It is useful for the people to save money to get them every type of Facilities and services in the future to do all type of work in a better way. Every people are used to create a lot of better attitude to save money every day which is extra money for their future.

Every people save their money in their Bank to get a lot of Interest by which they run their Family with a lot of ideas and plans to do all the activities properly. It is very useful for all the people to create a lot of proper ways to save their money by which they get every proper safety for any of immediate or urgent activities. Parents should make their Child’s to do every small as well as the high amount of saving for the keeping the security for the future use. So every Child should have the habit of saving money to safeguard their future.

Every Student should be able to cultivate a positive attitude in them to make a proper future safety by saving a lot of money. Students in their Schools and Colleges are used to do many of the expenses on many of the important activities for their important events by which Students have to save to lot of money for their future use for their Schools and Colleges. Every Student is a part of some Family and the Family Members of the Students are also used to give lot of money to their Children’s for using in their daily life. Students use lot of money for eating various Snacks and also they used to pay the money for their own Friends.

Students are not aware of the Fact that what will happen in the future and how much important it is to save the money for their future requirement. Every money which is saved by the Students is used to do some of the activities for every Student to fulfil their task of completing any goal. Every ideas and plan are used to carry for the people’s welfare and betterment. Sanchayika Day makes every Citizen have a proper way to handle and tackle every activity which requires money and It makes the people save for their future growth, profit as well as security.

One has to carry out many of the tasks to encourage many of the people to make them aware of the activities for their own bright future. It is not very helpful for all the people who are not able to save their money, but it can help to save small amount of money by which it will grow lot of money day-by-day for the future requirement. Every people are used to make the proper type of saving habits day-by-day by which they are used to get lot of security to do every type of activity to develop any activity in the future for everyone’s welfare. It is reported that almost 42 of the Government School and College Students are used to participate in many of the events and they are increasing every year.

Celebration of the Sanchayika Day
There are people who are able to do many of the activities to make many of the financial profit for their own future use. Today Government has kept many of the plans to make the Students to encourage and to save lot of money for their own profit. Sanchayika Day is used to make the Students to get all the activities to be done with the help of money saving through many of the Banking activities made for the Students to save lot of money. It is important for every people to get lot of people to create better ideas and plans to save the money whenever it is required to them for the future use. One has to focus on every task to become more curious to grasp all the possible things by which they can get every type of benefit from it.

Students are used to deal with many of the tasks in order to make every activity to be better for their future use. Students are able to maintain and develop many of the activities to make a proper and secure future. Every activity should be able to maintain for the future betterment of every goal to be accomplished in a better way. Students are used to get all the knowledge about many of the activities from their Parents to concentrate on the Difficult as well as Simple activities.

There is a Government Scheme by which every Student is used to save their money in the Bank which is opened only for the Students to save lot of daily money for securing the future of the Students and to make them aware about the how money saving is important in the future use. Money saving is always important as there are lots of unknown activities which occurs in their Family and also in their own life by which it requires lot of money for their own future profit. Money makes the people to get all the facilities and services to be fulfilled in a way that they can be able to focus and manage many different activities for their own welfare. Families should have every habit to make the people to carry out their tasks by saving lot of profit for their requirement.

When there are a number of people in the Family, there is a high chance of expenses required by lots of the money in the Family by which every people’s dreams and goals are fulfilled for their own requirement. So there is ratio that as there is a high number of people in the Family, there is an increase in their expenses by each and every people in the Family. As the Number of the People grow in the Family, there is the number of Financial expenses increases with it. Students who have lot of expenses of their Schools, as well as Colleges, are used to have lot of expenses to make lot of activities to be fulfilled for their achievement of the goals.

Sanchayika Day Procedure
Sanchayika Day makes the Students to develop their habit in saving the lot of money for their future use in the Government Bank which is only given to the Students and not anyone else. There are lot of activities to be done by every people who used to carry out lot of work for the future safety and security. When there are many of the Members of the Family, there is an increase in the possibility of lot of expenses. There are lot of people in the Family who want to live better life and to live a better and high-class life they want lot of money for their own high class living. So the government has many of the Sanchayika Scheme by which Students can go the Bank to save lot of money for their own future benefit and there are many procedures which are as follows :-

• There should only be the School Committee which should contain only Students and the Teachers.

• For opening the Sanchayika, School committee is use to give the permissions for the Sanchayika Scheme.

• For operating the Sanchayika Scheme, the Government should give the permission to the School head to get the permission for opening of the Sancahyika for the Students.

• For Opening the Sanchayika Scheme, School Head is required to open the Savings Bank Account by the Schools name in their nearest area post Office.

• The Head of the School is totally responsible for the day-to-day handling and managing of the Sanchayika Bank Account for the Students.

• There is a chance given by the Government to close the Account after the Student who leave the Institution.
School makes the people to carry out many of the tasks for their own profit of the Students. It is very important for the people to choose the main things first to make lot of things to focus and manage for their own safety and requirement. Sanchayika is a great Scheme made for the Students to give them lot of benefits from many of the activities to fulfill lot of their tasks in a better way. One has to do lot of activities to fulfill their tasks by many of the better activities developed by Government. Today Government is responsible for many of the new Schemes by which there is a chance to encourage the Students to make the people more eligible for the future betterment. So Sanchayika is a very good Scheme developed by the Government to make the Students cultivate a better attitude in them for the future requirement.

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