What is International Mountain Day?

International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day is celebrated every year on 11 December, to raise awareness of the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints of mountain growth, and to create partnerships that bring meaningful change to mountain peoples and ecosystems around the world. For survival, mountains are important. We are linked to mountains and influenced by them in more ways than we can imagine whether we live at sea level or at the highest elevations. Mountains contain much of the freshwater in the world, harbor a rich variety…

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Know Everything Why and How Christmas Day is Celebrated?

Christmas Day is a time of year full of tradition, wonders, and billions of people all over the world enjoy it. I guess you’ve learned about Christmas carols, Father Christmas and Advent. From the expression ‘Mass of Christ,’ meaning Jesus Christ came to the word ‘Christmas.’ A mass service is where Christians assemble to remember their Lord Jesus and how, three days after his crucifixion, he gave his life for mankind, and later rose from death and ascended to heaven. To mark the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is celebrated.…

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