World Habitat Day

The United Nations proclaimed World Habitat Day “to reflect on the condition of human communities and the fundamental right to adequate shelter for everyone” on the first Monday in October each year. The day is also meant to “remind the world of its mutual responsibility for the future of the human habitat.”

World Habitat Day is meant to focus on the nature of our cities and towns and on the universal right of everyone to sufficient shelter. It is also designed to remind the world that we all have the strength and the obligation to shape the future of our towns and cities.

The event reflects on the condition of human settlements and the right of citizens to proper housing.

It also tries to educate people that they are accountable for the lives of future generations.

Habitat for Humanity joins our allies around the world every year in order to rededicate ourselves to recognizing everyone’s universal right to sufficient shelter. Habitat for Humanity encourages all to act as one social network and share the message that every one of us needs the chance for a better future and that a good place to live will overcome obstacles to opportunities, wellbeing, and prosperity that may have been part of the life of a family for years and, in many situations for generations.

How to celebrate World Habitat Day

By becoming engaged in your own Habitat for Humanity, the perfect way to celebrate World Habitat Day and is to always have more hands working to help provide decent shelter to those who need it.

You will have a wonderful time providing talents of all sorts, even bringing a group of friends together to volunteer on a new initiative being carried out by Habitat for Humanity. Only because you don’t have the resources to swing a hammer doesn’t mean that this vital company can’t be helped out if nothing else there’s always the possibility of making a donation to help support them going.

What is the Importance of World Habitat Day?

The key aim of World Habitat Day is to remind people of our rights to fundamental needs, and we have the strength and obligation to make important commitments to create transformative social improvements for a sustainable environment and well-being. In particular, this day focuses on strengthening all levels of government relationships with relevant stakeholders in the effective adoption of policies and strategies to ensure sufficient and sustainable housing for all. World Habitat Day is observed to raise awareness of various self-sustainable initiatives, such as proper waste management, waste product recycling, etc.

Activities performed on world habitat day

Activities can involve award ceremonies, such as the most prestigious award, the Habitat Scroll of Honour. As determined by the United Nations, a new theme is chosen each year for this day’s celebration. The aim of the selection of the themes is to concentrate on the task of UN-Habitat to encourage sustainable development policies that ensure sufficient and appropriate shelter for everyone in the world. This selection is focused on continuing concerns focused on the habitat subject. These themes actively support the focal areas of UN-Habitat, which are as follows:

  • Secure and healthy living environment for everyone, mainly for children
  • Sustainable and sufficient transport and energy
  • Establishment of greenery, including replanting of trees in urban areas
  • Clear and safe water for consumption as well as sanitation
  • Fresh and non-polluted air for respiration
  • Enough work for individuals
  • Enhancement of strategic planning and promotion of slums
  • Better waste disposal, including waste material recovery,

Some Facts about World Habitat Day

  1. World Habitat Day is not a national holiday, but a global observance.
  2. Every year, UN-Habitat invites its central government, local government, civil society, and private sector and media members to engage in the organization of awareness-raising events and to promote discussion on the chosen subject of the year.
  3. The “Habitat Scroll of Honor” award, initiated in 1989 by the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UNHSP), is considered the most coveted award for human settlements in the world. The goal of this award is to honor programmers that enable exemplary strides in areas such as the provision of accommodation, focusing on homeless people’s misery and deprivation, leadership in post-conflict rehabilitation, and establishing and strengthening human settlements and the quality of urban life.

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