World Tsunami Awareness Day

World Tsunami Awareness Day is celebrated to create awareness amongst people about the risks associated with the tsunami and the preventive measures to be taken when a tsunami approaches. Since the natural disasters don’t recognize borders, so the United Nations suggested 5th November as the World Tsunami Awareness Day and appealed for global cooperation in increasing prevention efforts and public awareness. Though tsunamis are rare, its devastating impact can cost many lives. The destructive tsunamis of the years 2004 and 2011 have proved to the world how fatal these natural calamities can be. This has also brought to the notice that most of the people are unaware of the early signals of the tsunami and the preventive actions to be taken when the tsunami occurs or waves strike.

World Tsunami Awareness Day helps in improving our knowledge and awareness of tsunamis, and how should we react if stuck in any such situation. Several conferences, debates, seminars, quiz etc are organized at national and international levels to make people aware of the tsunami risk.

The national government should take every step to guide the people timely and appropriately in the event of tsunamis. Early warning signals can save several lives. They should be evacuated to safe places and should be supplied with necessary items such as food, water, clothes, etc.

Even though huge buildings and mechanical and scientific innovations can delay tsunamis but such innovations do not protect people completely from tsunamis. During the 2011 tsunami, many evacuation centers were constructed 20 meters above the sea level, at Japanese city Minamisanriku, Japan to prevent disasters. These centers were poorly swamped and the huge population was washed away. Thus, the international bodies have to be more cautious and find out better preventive ways.

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