World Vegetarian Day

Every year, World Vegetarian Day is observed on October 1. To increase awareness of the benefits of the vegetarian diet and to inspire others to become vegetarians, this day is celebrated. On this World Vegetarian Day we’ll discuss on the facts about vegetarianism, benefits of being vegetarian and Best sources of food for vegetarians.

An individual who does not consume meat is a “vegetarian” and his diet is full of fruits and vegetables. He gets these things from trees and vegetables.

Thanks to the introduction of the vegetarian diet, most people are different. For their troubled life, some people strongly believe in not killing animals, some people for health purposes embrace a vegetarian diet, and this diet is full of fruits and vegetables. This diet is low in cholesterol and fat, which makes it very healthy for the heart. To follow the vegetarian diet, many individuals invoke society and theological concerns.

We celebrate all of the positive qualities that are synonymous with being a vegetarian on World Vegetarian Day. It is a good day to convince people that by going meat-free, you will still enjoy eating food! It’s not dull, and some great recipes are out there.

You should celebrate World Vegetarian Day even though you are not a vegetarian yourself. For this day, why not go vegetarian and see how you manage? There are a lot of fantastic meat-free delights that you will enjoy on this day, from veggie burgers and cheese pizza to tofu and carrot sticks. Plus, you never know, it could motivate you in the future to have more meat-free days.

How to celebrate World Vegetarian Day

Give yourself a chance to discover the beauty of vegetarian food on World Vegetarian Day, even though you don’t want to live a vegetarian lifestyle every day. By removing them from your diet for only one day, discover the health advantages and find out how tasty and balanced eating no animal products can be.

It can also give you the chance to try new restaurants and meals, just stop off at your nearest vegetarian restaurant, or order your favourite restaurant’s vegetarian menu. Recruit your friends and enjoy a nice night out with you, without upsetting any animals.

There are a lot of other ways you can also celebrate World Vegetarian Day. You may also enrich your experience and/or spread your knowledge of the benefits of becoming a vegetarian online, in addition to having a meat-free day. Educate your friends, allies, and family members on the virtues of vegetarianism. You’ll find a lot of online resources about it. There will be a lot of infographics, videos, and other pieces of content that will be going around, especially on World Vegetarian Day.

By shopping at the nearest farmer’s market, another way to celebrate World Vegetarian Day is. Farmers’ markets tend to have some of the freshest and most flavorful fruits and vegetables. You should have no trouble locating a decent variety of meat-free meals that cater to your mood and tastebuds with fall in the breeze.

Facts about Vegetarianism

India is a nation that has the highest vegetarian population. About two-thirds of the world’s vegetarians actually live in India and more vegetarians are accounted than any other country in the world.

New research undertaken in Great Britain has shown that a child’s IQ can be used to determine whether or not that child can become a vegetarian. The higher the IQ of a boy, the more likely they are to become a vegetarian, according to this report.

Mohandas Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Sri Chinmoy, George Benard Shaw, John Harvey Kellogg, Meat Loaf, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton, Mark Twain and Henry Ford are all well-known vegetarians.

Benefits of being a vegetarian

Here are some of the other advantages of vegetarian lifestyle adoption:

  • May improve mood: Vegetarian diets lack a high concentration of arachidonic acid (from animal dietary sources). As evidence has shown that it correlates with mood disorders, this may be helpful.
  • May reduce diabetes: Vegetarian diets are associated with a substantial decline in the prevalence of diabetes, according to the Loma Linda University School of Public Health.
  • Delayed Ageing Process: by six years, vegetarians can outlive non-vegetarians. Diets focused on plants are high in carbohydrates, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which in turn help to improve the immune system and slow the phase of ageing. To delay the ageing process, involve foods such as garlic, strawberries, tomatoes, nuts and seeds.
  • Get a Glowing Skin: One of the most beneficial foods for your skin is vegetarianism. Eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, and tones of whole grains will help you get important nutrients in the body and help neutralize the free radicals that would further minimize the development of wrinkles, dark spots, and other skin issues with the antioxidants present in them. Your diet includes more turmeric, papaya, sweet potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes.

Types of vegetarian

There are various types of vegetarian diets. Some are given below:

  • Lacto-Ovo vegetarian does eat eggs and dairy products but not meat.
  • Macrobiotic eats only unprocessed vegan foods, which include whole grains and fish occasionally
  • Pescatarian the only eat fish
  • Vegan doesn’t eat any food that comes from animals
  • Flexitarian –meat on occasion but mostly eat vegetarian food
  • Raw vegan doesn’t eat foods cooked above 115 degrees F.

Best sources of food for vegetarians

Some of these sources will enrich the food of people with various types of the vegetarian diet:

  • Vitamin B12: Dairy products, eggs, fortified cereals, bread, soy and rice drinks, yoghurt, cheese, etc.
  • Vitamin D: Milk, mushroom, egg yolks, cheese and sunlight etc.
  • Calcium: Dairy products, green vegetables, broccoli, pulses, okra, brown and white bread
  • Protein: Pulses, dairy products (milk and cheese), eggs, tofu and other soy products, dried beans, and nuts
  • Iron: Eggs, dried beans, dried fruits, whole grains, leafy green vegetables, lentils, peas, nuts etc.
  • Zinc: Wheat germ, nuts, fortified cereal, dried beans, and pumpkin seeds, whole grains, tofu, oatmeal etc.

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