Yoga Poses For Back Pain

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The aching back is fast becoming one of the most common complaints. Practically everyone has faced this problem in their lives.Yoga is one of the most highly recommended alternative therapy for several physical and emotional  ailments. Here are some of the asanas by which one can keep chronic pain at bay.

Standing stretch


Position yourself next to your wall with your feet parallel.

Position the fingerprints of one of your hand on the wall at a shoulder height with your arm fully extended.

Place your other hand on one side of your hip.

Now move your fingers in a position that you make a cup out of your fingers.

Now make sure that only your fingertips are touching the wall.

Rotate your arm in an outward direction slightly so that your thumb points towards the ceiling.

Keep your shoulder aligned with your hand and lift and open your chest, rolling your collar bones back when you inhale.

Now, twisting from the waist, rotate your upper body, extending through your arm to the fingerprints, as if the wall is moving away from you


This stretch addresses some of the deepest levels of tightness in the arm, shoulder, and chest. 

Stretching and Opening


To execute the stretch in a proper manner, bend your elbows and intertwine your fingers behind you, so that your palms are separated.

Now by keeping your elbows in a bent position, lift up and square your shoulders; draw your shoulders back making sure that your elbows move towards each other and that your upper arms are parallel to one another.