More Time for What Matters Patients, Not Paperwork

Ease the patient experience from a challenging maze to a straightforward care journey. Streamline every step, from scheduling to payments with our platform.

Over 400

hours saved annually through streamlined digital paperwork


live integrations with healthcare providers


patient show rate for online bookings


Patient NPS Deliver an experience patients love Deliver an experience patients love

Minimize Waiting Time, Maximize High-fives

Tired of impatient patients tapping their feet? From online booking to seamless walk-ins, make every patient journey a VIP experience. Our platform engages and delights, ensuring each visit is smooth, efficient, and memorable.

Swift Booking

Patients find their ideal time slot in seconds with our online scheduler.

Online Forms

Patients complete paperwork comfortably from anywhere with digital registration.

Mobile Check-In

Patients seamlessly check in using their smartphones upon arrival.

Saved Profiles

Skip repetitive forms for returning patients with saved profiles.

EHR Integration and Automation

Effortless Unified View of Patient Data

Say goodbye to manual data transfers—our solution ensures error-free, instant movement of patient information, reducing workload for your staff and elevating data accuracy in your EHR.

Load Balancing

Smart Patient Distribution

We’re here to make your services sail smoothly. Distribute patient loads smartly, juggling multiple locations and varied schedules effortlessly.

See Beyond Numbers

Detailed Reports and Insights

Peel back the layers of your clinic’s performance with our comprehensive analytics dashboard. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about understanding and optimizing every aspect, from peak hours to popular services. 


Queue Genius at Your Service

Our smart queue management is the genius in charge. Let your front desk and waiting area transform into an organized, stress-free zone.

Kayawell Pay

Easy Payments, No Fuss

Kayawell Pay lets patients settle bills with secure, on-the-spot HIPAA-compliant payments. Plus, automated reminders keep invoices moving, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone.

Patients Don't Just Like Us, They Love Us: 97% Retention Rate

An outstanding 97% of Kayawell platform users stick with their provider for future care. It’s more than loyalty—it’s a bond built on trust

Thanks to Kayawell, overcrowding is no longer a worry at our hospital. It helps us manage patient flow seamlessly, cutting down wait times and ensuring timely care for all. It's been a game-changer for us and our patients.
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Dr . Anil Kumar Gupta
Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

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