video telemedicine

Telemed that your patients will love and recommend

Give the care your patients need from anywhere, at any hour.

Reduce Clinic Crowd

Wave goodbye to crowded waiting rooms! Kayawell Telemed offers quality remote care from the comfort of their homes.

Stop the Spread Before it Starts

Fight the invisible enemy and cut the chain of germs. Kayawell Telemed minimizes contact, keeping patients and your team healthy.

Keep Your Team Healthy & Happy

Keep your superheroes safe! Kayawell Telemed reduces exposure for your staff, so they can stay energized and focused on what matters most - your patients.

"Thanks to Kayawell Telemed, our clinic smoothly continued care for both new and existing patients during COVID-19. Its easy-to-use platform even helped us welcome new patients referred by our existing ones, making healthcare accessible and hassle-free."

Kayawell Telemed : Seamless Care, Simple Setup

  • No Hardware Headaches: Kayawell Telemed works seamlessly on existing devices – it’s as easy as clicking a link!

  • Your Brand, Your Way: A fully white-labelled platform seamlessly integrates with your existing website, maintaining your brand identity.

  • Web-Based Convenience: No downloads needed! Kayawell Telemed runs smoothly within your web browser, for both patients and providers.

  • Intuitive Interface, Effortless Use: A user-friendly platform makes Kayawell Telemed a breeze for everyone – no training is required.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Integrates seamlessly with your existing EMR, reducing paperwork and maximizing efficiency.

Flexible & Secure: Kayawell Telemed Adapts to Your Needs

  • One Platform, Endless Possibilities: Kayawell Telemed seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and processes, regardless of your clinic’s size or specialization.


  • Data Security You Can Trust: Built with the highest level of security in mind, Kayawell is HIPAA compliant by design and adheres to the latest interoperability standards like HL7 and FHIR.

The Loyalty Loop Your Care Has Been Missing

We listen. We learn. We improve. At Kayawell Telemed, we’re passionate about creating a seamless and convenient experience for both patients and providers.

  • Patient feedback drives our innovation:  We continuously gather feedback to ensure Kayawell Telemed meets your evolving needs.


  • Your success is our mission: We consistently improve the platform, making sure it empowers you to deliver the best possible care.

Get Ready for a Flood of New Patients

More Bookings, Happier Patients, Less Staff Hassle.