These 6 Yoga Poses Will Help You Keep Diabetes Under Control

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Diabetes: Type I


It is also known as ‘mountain-pose’.


Stand upright with your feet joined together

Heels and toes are touching one another

Arms must face downwards with the palms facing the thighs

Stand totally erect with your shoulders drawn back

Eyes looking straight ahead


It makes the back strong and straight

It also helps in bringing attentiveness to the mind


It is also known as the pose of the hare.


Be seated in vajrasaria and shut your eyes

Make hold of your right wrist with the left hand at the back

Breathe in, and then while breathing out, gradually curve the trunk in a forward direction so that the forehead relaxes on the floor

Be seated in the final position for a considerable period of time while inhaling generally

Now, go back to the vajrasaria while breathing in


This asana helps in toning the pelvic muscles

It also aids in relaxation of the sciatic nerves and normalizes the functioning of the adrenal glands.

It is a great asana for getting relief from constipation, sciatica and anger

It is advantageous for women who have an undersized pelvis and is very effective for eradicating sexual disorders in general


It is also known as the cat stretch pose.


Be seated in Vajrasana

Lift your buttocks and place yourself on the knees

At the same time, place both hands evenly on the floor in front of the body

Breathe in while lowering your spine and lifting your head up

Blow out air by lowering the head and by bending the spine

Yet again, lower the spine and lift up your head

Make sure that you’re keeping your arms in a straight line, without bending them

Perform 10 full rounds in total


This asana provides flexibility to your neck, shoulders and spine

It tenderly tones the female reproductive system and is exceptional for expecting women for up to 3 months

Women undergoing from menstrual indiscretions and leucorrhea will find respite from this asana

It can also be performed at the time of menstruation in order to get relief from cramps

The advantages of this asana are extremely beneficial if the tummy is constricted during exhalation


It is also known as the cow face pose.


Position yourself in a sitting posture

Now by folding your left leg, place your heels beside your right buttock

Now, comfortably fold your right leg over your left leg in a way that the right heel is touching the ground, beside the left thigh

Both your knees must be placed one over the other

Your left hand must be placed behind the back and the right arm should be placed over your right shoulder

Now carefully try to join both your fingers behind your back

By holding your head back, close your eyes

Now, repeat this whole asana in a reverse manner


This asana helps diabetics to deal with their backache and stiff shoulders

This asana is also advantageous in sciatica and aids in stimulating kidney


It is also known as “the dead bodies pose”.


Lie comfortably on your back with your arms on the side. Make sure your arms are in a straight line with your body and your palms are facing the ceiling

Now put your feet apart in a comfortable position and close your eyes

Now give some time to yourself in order to calm your body. Make sure you are not moving unnecessarily.

Let your breathing be usual

Be conscious of your inhalation and exhalation. Calculate the number of respirations: one in and one out and so on

Follow the counts for few minutes. If your brain begins to shift focus, take it back to the counting. This will aid in relaxing your mind and body

It is advised to continue this asana for a considerable period of time, the more, the better. However, initiate by doing this asana for at least one to two minutes


It aids in lightening up your entire body

This asana can also be performed to relax your body muscles soon after strenuous yoga exercises such as surya namaskar

Mandukasan (Variation 1)


Position yourself in Vajrasan. Close the fists of both your hands

Now fold your big finger inside while pressing the fists

Now by pressing your navel with both the fists, breathe out and bend in a forward direction. However, make sure you are looking straight

Hold yourself in this position for some time and return to Vajrasana position

Repeat this asana for 3 to 4 times


It helps in proper functioning of the pancreas which leads to the production of insulin in large quantities

It is a beneficial asana in curing diabetes

It also aids in healthy functioning of heart

Mandukasan (Variation 2)


Position yourself comfortably in vajrasana

Now place your left palm on the right palm while placing them on your navel

Press your palms inside your navel while breathing out. Make sure you are bending in a forward direction

Repeat this asana for 3 to 4 times


It helps in proper functioning of the pancreas which leads to the production of insulin in large quantities

It is a beneficial asana for curing diabetes

It also aids in healthy functioning of heart