Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss
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So you fail to bend down to tie your shoe laces, there is no defined jaw line and taking a hundred steps in a go makes your breathing exasperated! If you can empathise with the reasons behind these situations, you are certainly not alone. Obesity is on the rise at an admonishing rate around the globe. Numerous weight loss techniques have infiltrated the market. However, nothing compares to the age old science of ayurveda treatment for weight loss that has long lasting utility with goodness for both, the body and mind.

Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss demands certain alterations in your lifestyle, eating habits, the way you breathe and how you work out. Let us have a closer look at what these alterations are and the very first is keeping a check on what you eat.

Foods that Augment Digestion

Green leafy vegetables and fruits are highly qualified food items that enhance digestion. Ginger, mango, papaya, apple, and pineapple are extremely beneficial for the same. You can chew ginger root or can sip ginger tea mixed with lemon, as ginger boosts digestion. Khichdi, a sort of porridge prepared from mung daal and rice is a wonderful ayurvedic weight loss recipe. It is easy to digest and thus is a perfect food for persons intending to reduce their pot belly or lose weight as a whole with the help of ayurvedic home remedies for weight loss.

Say no to Dieting

Dieting is not a good idea for weight reduction. It increases craving which is mostly satiated by binge eating. Bad for the health, indeed!!!

Portion Control

Portion control is very important. Eat only till you are full; stuffing your stomach with more than you need defeats the purpose of weight loss.

Chomp whatever you eat really well. It encourages metabolism and easy digestion and thereby affects weight loss.

Eat during Day Time

Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss measures propound that the heaviest meal of the day should be lunch. What they call digestive agni (the fire) is most active during noon time when it builds healthy tissue and cells. Do not forget to eat healthy. Ayurveda considers that healthy when it ideally consists of two or three cooked vegetables, whole grain, a lentil dish, chutney made of spices or veggies and lassi (made by mixing fresh yoghurt and water).


Water is undeniably the best for shedding the unattractive curves around body. Not only does it enhance metabolism it is also responsible for glowing skin.  

Obesity Massage

Udvartana, the weight loss massage is very popular in ayurveda weight loss measures. In this, a herbal paste or power massage is given that revitalises the body cells and accordingly assists weight loss.

Yoga and Deep Breathing

It is rather impossible to miss out yoga and deep breathing while talking about ayurvedic treatment for weight loss. Specific asanas and breathing exercises for almost 1 to 4 hours a day stabilises the mind and gives immense strength and determination for weight loss.

Ayurveda treatment for weight loss is professed by natural measures; hence, you never need to worry about any kind of side effect.