Effective Ways to Increase Height

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Are you seeking a solution for your short height? Well, if so, you will have to follow a step-by-step plan to increase height. The plan must include eating right, exercising regularly, sleeping right, practising right posture and keeping the immune system strong./increaseheight

First, you need to understand the role of genetics in height development. Height is a polygenetic trait, which means that if most of your family members are short, it is likely that you'll be short too. Don’t be discouraged. Besides genetic and environmental determinants of height, there are others such as those mentioned below that can help you grow taller.


Exercise regularly; you will benefit the most from physical activity. Fitness regimen must begin with stretching exercises. Besides enhancing the range of motion and preventing injury, stretching legs and spine decompresses the vertebrae and lengthens the spine. Do simple stretching exercises every day such as raising your hands up high, leaning back slightly and holding the position for ten seconds. Swimming is another effective exercise; it reduces tension in the body by allowing the joints to stretch, thereby helping the body to grow taller.

Eat Right

Eating is important to ascertain that your body is receiving the nutrition it needs to grow. It is important to get all the vitamins and minerals in the meals after consulting a dietician. Your dietary regimen must have the following nutrients:

Proteins: Proteins, the building blocks for growth, must essentially be a part of your daily diet. Include protein-laden sources, such as meat, eggs, tofu and legumes in your meals for a streamlined growth of your body

Zinc: Deficiency of zinc may lead to stunted growth in children. Increase your zinc intake by including chocolate, peanuts, oysters, eggs and peas in your diet-chart

Calcium: Calcium from dairy products and green vegetables promotes bone growth

Vitamin D:  Eating fish, mushrooms, soy milk and oranges help in strengthening the bone strengthening

Eating meals on the schedule is as important as getting essential nutrients. Three meals a day along with healthy snacks such as fruits between meals are a must for a developing body.

Avoid Growth-stunting Factors

Unhealthy snacks, drugs and alcohol contribute to stunted growth. These factors may cause you to be malnourished oned, which can keep you from reaching your potential height. Practice good posture to prevent backbone deformation and add extra inches to your height.

Sleep Well

Health experts recommend 8.5 to 11 hours of sleep every night for growing teenagers and pre-teens. Sleeping well is necessary to regenerate tissues, which happens when you’re at rest. To avoid sleep disruptions, make sure that your sleeping environment is calm i.e. the lights are off and there is no disturbance in terms of noise. Another tip - a warm bath before bed will help you sleep better.

Boost Immunity

Childhood health conditions during adulthood stunt one’s growth. Regular health-checks and routine immunisations during developing years help strengthen the immune system.