Top 12 Cardio Workouts For Home With No Equipments

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In the world of fitness freaks, you must have acquaintance with the term “Cardiovascular Exercise or Aerobic.” It is a form of physical workout that does not require any equipment and can be done anywhere, i.e., at Gym or Home. Here in this article, our team has explained the Top 12 Cardio Workouts For Home. It requires less or no equipment and will give you surprising health benefits

What Are Cardiovascular Exercises?

Firstly, cardiovascular exercises are popularly known as Aerobic or Cardio workouts. It is generally a low to high-intensity workout that is based on the aerobic energy-generating process. It is the best process of supplying oxygen and fulfilling the body’s energy procurement via aerobic metabolism. For example, aerobic or cardio involves workouts like running, jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, stair-climbing, skipping, etc. 

How Is Cardio Performed?

Cardio is performed by repeating low to moderate to high-intensity workouts for a specific period. It is the best form of burning fat and calories at the same time. Usually, the workouts are performed in sets and within a time frame of 30 minutes and more with equal repetitions. 

What Are The Different Modes Of Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises?

Any exercise or workout, whether it is cardio workout at home or gym-based workouts, are categorized into three main categories:

  • Beginner mode

  • Intermediate mode

  • Advanced mode 

Beginner Mode:

It is the initial level of performing cardio at home. From this point, a person learns how to conclude any workout with several repetitions. Simultaneously, they learn about performing beginner cardio workouts at home.

Intermediate Mode:

It is the middle level of executing any workout. At this level, the individual is aware of the workout and its repetition, and its outcomes. 

Advanced Mode:

Advanced mode is the professionally performing any workout. Here the individual is fully aware of the workouts and implements new standards in their workouts. 

What Are The Top 12 No-Equipment Cardio Workouts?

Cardiovascular exercises are categorized into three primary forms, i.e., Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Simultaneously, many homemakers surf the internet about the best home workout for women. The article is a complete guide for such individuals. 

Beginner Cardio Workout

a. Marching:

To begin with, Marching to the same place where you stand is a great idea. Marching like a parade by standing in the same position has many health benefits. It brings up the heart rate, which is the best option for the warm-up sessions. You can decrease or increase its intensity by the movements of the knees and legs. 

b. Warm Up:

It is the fundamental unit of performing any workout. If you are in a gym, the instructor would ask you to warm your body up for performing a workout. But if you are at home, you need to do it at own. 

A warm-up is a beginner to advance level workout performed to make your body prepare for further exercises. It prevents wear & tear of joints, ligament injuries, cramps, etc. It is mandated to perform a warm-up before you kick start your exercise. 

c. Single Leg Stand:

The workout is meant to target the abdominal muscles. To perform it, you need to follow the instructions given below:

  • Stand in the same place with your feet 3 inches apart. 

  • Bend the knee and lift the leg up by 3-6 inches off the floor.

  • Hold onto this position for 10-15 seconds and more and put your leg down.

  • Repeat this pattern with the opposite leg. 

d. Jogging In Place:

Everybody is aware of the benefits of jogging. Jogging in place can be a low to high-intensity warm-up one can perform as per their fitness level. This is the best form of building up the heart rate and putting your body in the workout zone. 

To perform jogging in one place, lightly bounce on one foot to another and repeat it for 10 to 20 seconds. Simultaneously, with the leg movements, swing the arms to make it more comfortable. 

e. Dancing:

Who does not love to dance? The best cardio one can perform to dance to their favorite music. It can be any music, but the only condition is, you have to move your whole body. Standing straight or moving only a few parts is not considerable. Move and groove on the favorite track, release the sweat, and burn those fatty calories. 

Intermediate Cardio Workout

a. Jumping Jacks:

It comes under beginner and intermediate cardio workout at home. Jumping jacks are a generally mid-range or high-intensity workout that burns those extra calories. It is a perfect warm-up for intermediate individuals. 

To perform jumping jacks, you need to keep your feet together and hands down and standstill. Now jump by taking the feet apart (not much distance) and hands up in the air. Now jump back to the starting point and repeat this session for at least 10-15 seconds. 

b. Squat Jump:

Squat jumps are meant to target the gluteus, quadriceps, hamstring, and calves. It comes under the intermediate level as it burns more calories, one step up workout from beginner level. To perform this workout, follow the instructions given below:

  • Stand with the feet apart (hip-width) and arms down at both sides.

  • Bend at the knees to build a squat position.

  • From the squat position, jump in the air and stretch the hips until the body gets straight.

  • Afterward, land softly on the feet, putting your hips backward to absorb the shock in the heels.

  • Repeat this workout using different arm movements to adjust the difficulty level.

c. Jump Rope:

At the intermediate level, one can jump in the air by utilizing the actual Rope, also termed skipping. An individual can utilize both feet or can jump from one foot to another. Skipping or Jump Rope is known to have multiple benefits like in the kids, it enhances height, boosts metabolism, increases the heart rate for best warm-up, increases stamina, and whatnot. 

d. Lunges (Screamers):

Screamer lunges help to build and maintain muscles while challenging the heart. To perform the screamer lunge cardio workout at the gym, here are the steps:

  • Stand with the feet apart.

  • Now move forward the right leg back to a lunge position.

  • Push ahead with the help of the right foot so that you can lift the right knee to hip height.

  • Now jump in the air while doing so.

  • Return the right foot to the same beginning position and repeat for ten lunges on one side.

  • Repeat the process for the opposite leg.

e. Stair Climb:

Another workout in the list of intermediate cardio exercises is stair climb. A most energetic and yet beneficial intermediate workout is to climb stairs. Everybody knows how to climb stairs. You can do it several times, depending upon your health standards. 

Advanced Aerobic Workout 

Professionals perform a series of professional exercises to achieve a particular body and weight. An individual may add or subtract and can modify the workouts according to their pro skills. 

a. Mountain climbers:

It is an exercise that targets the entire body, especially the lower segment. To begin with this workout, you may follow the below-given steps:

  • Begin with a pushup position, where you need to keep the right leg extended backward and the left leg near the chest. 

  • Now the toes will remain on the ground.

  • Keep your hands on the ground to the hip level. Quickly switch the positions of the legs from right to left.

  • Continue to alternate the legs.

b. Burpees:

Burpees are an advanced level of exercise that generally requires good strength and stamina. To execute burpees, follow the steps given below:

  • Begin with putting your body in a pushup thing.

  • Extend the balls of the feet to bring the knees near the chest and jump in a squat position.

  • Jump from the squat, keeping your hands in the air. 

  • Now land softly back into the squat.

  • Place the hands back on the floor, below the shoulders.

  • Bring back the legs to return to the same position.

So these were the top 12 aerobic exercises for home. You can find as many as possible on the internet if you are doing cardio at home. In the gym, your instructor will give you enough knowledge on working out. 

Final Words:

So these were the top-notch exercise from the three main categories, i.e., Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced level. Cardio is best for the heart, building muscles, the lower abdomen, and reducing belly fat also.