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Benefits Of Microdermabrasion For Acne and Acne Prone Skin

Each person with acne suffers in a slightly different way. Some people are more prone to blackheads, while others tend to get more inflamed, red pimples and others get deep cystic acne. Microdermabrasion can help a variety of types of acne as it has a number of different benefits.

1)Increasing Circulation Improves Cell Function

Microdermabrasion can improve circulation in the treatment area, meaning not only blood flow is increased but also lymphatic drainage. This aids cell function in many ways.

Firstly the increased blood flow will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which means that the metabolism of the cells speeds up, giving them more energy.

This encourages other cell functions to also become more efficient, for example, the production of collagen and elastin. This makes cells healthier and therefore the skin too becomes healthier, as well as more resilient.

The increase in lymphatic drainage means that waste products from cells are carried away faster, meaning there is less build-up of debris which can lead to spots and blackheads.

2)Enhancing Product Results

By increasing the circulation to the skin, microdermabrasion can improve the results of topical products that you can apply to your skin to combat spots. This is because as the circulation increases, cell metabolism increases and products can penetrate deeper into the lower layers of the skin, therefore achieving better results.

3)Combating Blackheads

Microdermabrasion is particularly effective in the removal of blackheads. The exfoliation removes the top of the blackhead while the suction evacuates the hardened oily contents of the pores. Subsequent occasional use of microdermabrasion can also help blackheads from developing.

4)Reduce Pore Size

As a result of clearing out the pores, as mentioned before, you can also reduce pore size with microdermabrasion. This is because as the pores are unclogged, there is no longer debris holding them open, resulting in the pore reducing in size.

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