The Ultimate Guide to Best Light Therapy for Psoriasis

It’s quite natural to panic after noticing flaky patches all over your skin. However, certain light therapy equipment is accessible for healing this skin condition called psoriasis. 

Psoriasis often causes your skin to become irresistibly itchy, along with the shedding of dandruff-like flakes from your scalp. Extra growth of skin cells gets eliminated when the affected area comes in contact with ultraviolet light or even various customized wavelengths of red and blue light. Moreover, a medicine called psoralen combined with UVA is applicated for better results.

Most importantly, you are advised to contact a healthcare professional before getting your hands on these light therapy wands. Now stay tuned as we’ll provide you with a list of the best light therapy for psoriasis!

Best Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Light therapy can assist in rejuvenating your skin from psoriasis, returning the confidence that you once lost. Some of the best light therapy includes:

Zerigo Health

With their at-home Smart Light Therapy, Zerigo Health devised a handheld remote that only targets your patchy skin with a simple button. It peaked during the COVID-19 lockdown as people were more into home treatments.

This device caresses your skin with a blast of UVB according to your need. It impedes the rapid growth of skin cells. You’ll be awed to see visible results of your scaly patches getting healed gradually with every use. 

The most genius hack about this magical device is that you can customize your dosage! Just upload your prescription, and the smart device will automatically provide you with your specific dose of UV. Therefore, this amazing invention by Zerigo Health is unique to everyone who owns this device.

Plus, it’s compact to fit your purse and also convenient enough to pack for your next vacation. So you’ll be able to get professional-level clinical treatment right at home or wherever you’re visiting.

Moreover, the Zerigo Health app provides you with multiple facilities. It will trace your results, keep up with your progress, and notify you about any health concerns. A whole team of medical assistants also guides you through your treatment. Therefore, Zerigo Health claims their Smart Light Therapy is “more than just a device.”

Luma Therapeutics

Specializing in curing hardened plaques on the skin, Luma Therapeutics came out with an innovative light treatment called Illuvinate. The device comes with an ultraviolet LED and a disposable patch that you apply to the affected spot. 

This equipment is totally smartphone-controlled, as it also has an app. The patch and a hydrogel that retains moisture are applied to your skin. Its purpose is to minimize the intensity of the plaque. 

By maneuvering your phone, the device is instructed to shine a recommended amount of narrowband UV on your psoriasis while it’s connected to the patch via magnets. 

Exposure to UVB slowly cures psoriasis by restricting your immune system from secreting any chemicals that cause extra skin to grow. It also encourages the natural restoration of your skin from those specific spots while keeping it hydrated. 

Illuvinate is portable to carry around at your work. Plus, you can complete other chores while receiving treatment from this device. Just stick the device on your skin for some time every day, and you’ll be good in no time!

Clients have also claimed that their skin even remained healed for a long period after using this light therapy treatment!


Another pocket-friendly addition to UV light therapy has to be this handheld wand called DermaHealer Compact. It’s a UV light-emitting fluorescent lamp that implements the rejuvenating aspects of UV light, mimicking the natural wavelength of the sun.

However, it’s not the same as directly getting exposed to the sun – this device utilizes the healing features of the sun’s rays.

This magical lamp soothes your inflamed spots and minimizes the swellings. It also assists in getting rid of any frustrating itchings or dry and painful patches from which you’ve been suffering for a long while. 

These are also extremely lightweight and convenient for traveling. Moreover, the lamp goes around 360 degrees, so you can easily use it by placing it on your nearest table. You can also hold the lamp to concentrate on a specific area that’s hard to reach normally.

But don’t forget to wear protective goggles while using them at home. Check your timer constantly to switch on or off for a specified period. Then depending on the extent of your psoriasis, you’re recommended to use this device for a few minutes up to four times a week.

So being with DermaHealer, you’re guaranteed to feel the difference both internally and externally! 


Daavlin maneuvers UV light using the technique of narrowband phototherapy for treating psoriasis patches. Bonus, the Daavlin UV Phototherapy is also safe to be used by kids and females during their pregnancies!

The drawback is that it’s not portable. This is a huge panel device just like those you get in tanning salons. Your entire body has to soak in the UV light while getting treatment from this device. Therefore, applying some kind of mineral oil or petroleum jelly all over yourself is better so that the light rays target your skin better.

The UV light will use its anti-inflammatory properties to reduce any visible flare-ups. Moreover, your skin will feel clearer than before, removing any signs of bumps or scales. It’s also suitable for all skin types, meaning less chance of noticing side effects.

Treatment sessions are often very affordable. Moreover, your skin will notice visible healing within a month. This therapy usually takes a lot less time.

With Daalvin, you’re promised to enjoy its “long-lasting benefits”!


Now an exception to the ongoing UV light therapy is none other than red light therapy. PlatinumLED came up with this innovative technology that manipulates low-wavelength red lights for treating psoriasis. 

They are available in a range of selections, including panel devices that emit red light suitable to the intensity you require. Just turn on the device at your home and let your skin soak in the light.

In addition, red light can reach deep into your dermis compared to devices that use UV lights. It means you’ll get more effective results from using red light therapy regularly.

Not only that, red light encourages the growth of capillaries, which ensures healthier-looking skin by supplying it with valuable nutrients. As a result, your skin will be less likely to become flaky. 

Red light also helps to fill in any remaining blemishes by boosting the performance of cells. So your cells will produce an intense amount of collagen, in turn adding to the healing of your skin.

This therapy can be easily used at home for five to ten minutes every other day. But depending on your psoriasis, your dosage is supposed to be altered. 

Red light therapy is still under a lot of research but PlatinumLED believes this therapy shows “great promise”!


Other exceptions include Philips BlueControl, an innovative device that harnesses blue light for therapeutic purposes. Philips claims this is the “world’s first wearable light therapy device” that can be easily used in your household.   

The adjustable strap allows you to fit it on your arms or knees while relaxing or even cooking. It requires charging so you can take it outside for a jog. Moreover, it’s sturdy in order to avoid slipping off.

No amount of UV rays is required to protect your skin from any emerging side effects. Just turn on the button and it’s going to automatically turn off after completing a whole thirty minutes session.

The blue light cancels out any unnecessary inflammations. This device is mainly used for plaque-like patches that get hardened over time. So it soothes your skin by improving skin texture.

It also has an anti-proliferative response that prevents the growth of any unwanted skin. This also assists in dealing with extreme forms of multiple psoriasis that people suffer from.  

Patients who used this blue light highly expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for Philips!

Bottom Line 

With the application of these light therapy devices, you’re relieved from the burden of adding topical treatments that are time-consuming with minimal results. So, after reading through you’re able to go for a device that suits best your needs!

In a nutshell, psoriasis can’t really be completely healed. However, light therapy can be harnessed for healing your skin from visible symptoms. Various companies amped up their game by coming out with innovative devices for this condition.

Zerigo Health, Luma Therapeutics, and DermaHealer use different wavelengths of ultraviolet light to pacify your skin from any plaque or patch formation. 

Again, Daalvin applies UV phototherapy for reducing your flare-ups. On the other hand, red light therapy is used by PlatinumLED for rejuvenating your skin. Finally, Philips brushes up skin texture using blue light.

Therefore, consult a dermatologist for choosing the best light therapy device for your psoriasis!

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