Food to Keep Fit Yourself during LockDown Period

Physical activity also helps keep the immune system running properly as it flushes bacteria from the lungs and airways, improves the circulation of white blood cells and raises body temperature, all of which help the body combat infection.

But there are ways you can remain healthy and continue your exercise routine during this lockdown time if you’re stuck at home-and some of these need very little to no equipment. If you’re lucky enough to own an exercise bike or treadmill then you’ll already be accustomed to this keeping fit in-house way. But if these are not feasible then some heart rate-raising exercise or activity is good for cardiovascular health.

Consider walking around the house briskly, going up and down the stairs. So while you are on the phone, walk around, rather than sit down. Dancing is also a great way to stay active, particularly with children, so putting on some music for 15-20 minutes, one or two time per day can really help to the regular exercise quota

Alternatively, you can dig the old skipping rope out of the shed, re-engage with those long-forgotten fitness, yoga, tai chi or Pilates DVDs, or use the many physical activity-promoting applications and YouTube videos.

Resistance training will also help make your muscles stronger and enhance your mobility. Some of these exercises can be performed with weights or resistance bands, but if you don’t have access to them, that shouldn’t stop you from doing them. Squats or sit-to-stands from a stable chair, push-ups against a wall or kitchen counter and lunges or single-leg step-ups on stairs are all perfect for anyone new to exercises of this type.

Health diet tips you should follow

We list some healthy eating tips which you can easily integrate into your daily lifestyle:

1. Fruits like bananas, apples

Fruits are important for getting your dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. Though fruits such as apples and oranges are vitamin C’s powerhouse, banana, on the other hand, is also great for wellness in the gut. Complete with these fruits or mid-meal snacking in your cereal bowl, munch on them.

2. Nuts about Nuts

It’s not without justification that health experts advise us to integrate nuts into our everyday diet. They are a fantastic source of essential nutrients such as omega 3 and vitamin E, as well as fiber. If its almonds, cashews, pistachios or exotic choices like Macadamia, Brazil nuts and hazelnuts, add them in your salads and stir-fries or Munch as is for a balanced snacking.

3. Super Seeds

The good news is that seeds such as chia, sunflower, melon, and flaxseeds are now readily available in supermarkets. Choose any of them and include it in your everyday diet to make the most of essential nutrients like antioxidants, omega 3 and fiber. You can use them in smoothies, salads, toasts, parathas and so on.

4. Stay Hydrated With Flavored Water

Despite the rising temperature, now is the ideal time for savoring flavored water and remaining hydrated along with an extra dose of nutrients? In a jug of water add slices of lemon or watermelon, cucumber, mint, dill, basil or other herbs and fruits. It will even help detoxify the body.

5. Stay Cool with Yoghurt

Using yoghurt to take care of your gut wellbeing. In addition, it will also help you fulfill your calcium needs. Yoghurt keeps your stomach cool and is also being a good way to beat the heat. For additional flavor add a drizzle of honey or some fruits.

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