How Online Portals are Improving the Virtual Healthcare System

Almost 80% of people are interested in receiving online healthcare services, but only 3 in 10 can have access to it because of its complexity. Tech-enabled online healthcare portals have been offering many ways for healthcare delivery. But still, accessibility and affordability has been the biggest challenges, which is yet to be addressed.


Online Patient portals are provided by hospitals, Doctors, or any Technical organization. These Patient portals works as a bridge between the patients and providers, also enabled for patients accessible to the administrative & financial functionality, provide tools for storing health records, information, and much more.

Patient portals can be integrated with EHR or EMR and many healthcare vendors.

EHR-Integrated Patient Portal:

These portals have all information of patients and health experts, that includes, patient’s problem confronted, list of medication, diagnostic lab records, face to face appointment and video conferencing facility also.

Standalone Patient Portal:

These online portals facilitate collaboration with Healthcare Information Exchange systems (HIE). It mobilizes the medical health records amongst many healthcare organizations, especially in a specific community, region, or hospital.

How Patient Portals are Offering Level Playing Field to Patients and Providers.

Find Healthcare Experts or Doctor at Your Nearest Location

Everyone wants healthcare facilities at their home or at their nearest location by searching Find Best Medical doctor near me.

 Find Best Medical doctor near me
Find Best Medical doctor near me

Online patient portal helps people to find specialist doctor at their nearest location by searching their qualification, work experience and their achievement in the industry. You are also enable to check the comment or reviews about that doctor.

In case patients also facilitates virtual visits. During video conference doctors pay more attention to them, as compared to in-person visit.

Book an Appointment with Doctor

Through these Virtual patient portals people can book appointment instantly at a convenient time and location. These portals help to explore the doctor’s information such as their qualification, work experience and reviews about him/her.


Patients can choose from the available time slots and days for consultation, freely.

Find Diagnostic Centre Nearest Location or at Home

Best diagnostic centre near me 
Best diagnostic centre near me 

This is one of the best and popular advantages that people call their test lab at their home. Serious Patients, injured patients who even can’t move from their place as well as aged patients who face many difficulties during their diagnostic tests find so much help as now they can call or book test lab appointments at their home. After lab test, you can check your lab record online also.


Patients can feel relax during their lab tests.

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Meanwhile, online healthcare portals become so popular through mobile apps and continuously keep a track of possible functionalities that can improve better care. Dreamsoft4u has been offering its technology services to startups and reputed healthcare providers like Kayawell, United also Provides Healthcare Software Solutions and Healthcare IT Service. To build yours, contact us to share your Healthcare Software Solutions requirements.

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