How to take care of your health during the rainy season?

After the summer is over, when the rain falls on the hot land, the entire creature freshens the world. But it also invites many diseases. Everyone wishes to enjoy the full season of this pleasant season, but at the same time people often become ill soon.

Many diseases like malaria, dengue, cold – cold, vomiting typhoid, skin disease, jaundice etc. are more likely to spread in the rainy season.  Just like we  use umbrellas to avoid rain. Similarly, we must take some necessary measures to avoid diseases occurring during the rainy season.

1. To avoid diseases in the rainy season, follow some of the main measures given below:

  • Always eat fresh and clean fruits and vegetables?
  • You should always keep in mind that before eating, wash and clean fruits and vegetables with clean water, especially green leafy vegetables in them.
To avoid diseases in the rainy season, follow some of the main measures given below
To avoid diseases in the rainy season, follow some of the main measures given below
  • In this season do not eat stale food, already chopped fruits and contaminated food.
  • Always eat fresh and hot food only.
  • In such weather, fruits and vegetables get spoiled quickly, so always use only fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • In such weather our digestive power becomes weak. That is why it is important to keep a diet with fried food and food that can be easily digested and healthy. And there is one thing that we should eat as much as we are hungry. And it should be taken easily digestible food.
  • Do not eat too cold and sour, and do not eat too much salt things like chips, crunchy, chutney, papad, etc. because the body is more likely to have water retention in this season.

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2. Should you avoid eating outside food?

  • Do not eat street food or hotel food. Because eating outside increases the possibility of serious diseases like lax vomit, fever etc.
  • Junk foods found on the road, such as Chinese food, Bhelpuri, Panipuri, etc., are more prone to food poisoning.

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3. Always drink plenty of clean and hot water?

  • There is excessive moisture in the air during rainy days. Due to which the heat of our body does not go out and at the same time sweat also comes in excess. In such a situation, it is necessary to have enough water in the body, so we should consume plenty of water.
  • Always consume clean water by boiling and cooling water or filtered. You must boil the water for at least 15 minutes.
Always drink plenty of clean and hot water?
Always drink plenty of clean and hot water?
  • During the rainy season, one should not drink cold water, instead it is beneficial to drink basil, cardamom, tea or some warm water.

4. Protect against rain water?

  •  Everyone likes to get wet in rain water, but getting wet for too long in rain can cause cold-cough and fever.
  •  When wet in rain, do not keep hair dry for long. It may also cause fever and headache.

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  •  If any person has any asthma related disease, they should not be soaked in rain.
  •  Always keep the necessary things like raincoats, umbrellas etc. to avoid rain during the rainy season.
  • Diabetes patients should not keep their feet wet for long. This can make them feel cold and sick.
  •  One should not always wear wet clothes / shoes / slippers for long. This can cause fungal infection.

5. Other precautions?

  • Use mosquito nets to sleep at night so mosquitoes can be avoided.
  • Do not allow dirt around your house. And fill the surrounding pits with soil. Due to which there is no accumulation of rain water, mosquitoes will not be produced.
  • Clean the house thoroughly with phenyl so that flies do not come out.
  • If you have any disease, go to the doctor immediately.

Save yourself from rainy season diseases.

During this golden rain season, many diseases occur in our body, which are normal from the initial symptoms and we do not pay attention to them. This then causes fatal diseases. Pay attention to the early symptoms of these diseases.

Save yourself from rainy season diseases
Save yourself from rainy season diseases

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