What is the thyroid? Know about its symptoms

What is the Thyroid?

The Thyroid is the name of a gland. Which is found in the neck of the Human? It releases thyroxin called hormone, which is an important part of our body. These glands are the size of a butterfly. Hence it is also known as the Butterfly gland. By the way, this gland is very small in size, but it is very useful for our body. It works to transform our food into energy.

The thyroid gland releases two other hormones T3 i.e. triiodothyronine and T4 i.e. Thyroxine harmonics. The effect of these hormones is directly on the body’s digestive tract, heart, respiratory process, and body temperature, as well as control of bones, masters, cholesterol, etc.

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Let’s know how many types of thyroid are there?

Mainly thyroid is of 6 Types.

1. Hypothyroid: – When the thyroid gland produces hormones in the desired quantity. In that case, it is hypothyroid thyroid.

2. Hyper Thyroid: – When the thyroid gland produces excessive hormones.

3. Thyroiditis: – When the thyroid gland is swollen and the body’s immune system creates antibodies. Which affects the thyroid gland?

4. G̦tere: РIt is a lack of iodine in the body, it looks like swelling and lump in the throat. These problems are more in men than in women.

For this reason, the symptoms of thyroid in women are more common.

5. Thyroid Nodule: – In this, a part of the thyroid gland gets a tumour, which is full of hard inflammation of the liquid discharge.

6. Thyroid Cancer: – When cells in the thyroid gland appear to be formed in the tissue.

Let’s find out what symptoms are shown when the thyroid is present?

If any of these symptoms are visible in the body of a person, then it is understood that it is thyroid disease and it should be treated as appropriate. These symptoms are low –

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•    When constipation

•    No taste in food

•    Excessive sweating in the body

•    Do not get hungry

•    Stress high blood pressure

•    Weak of the madden

•    Heart rate reduction

•    Balo’s white

•    Skin rigidity

•    Swelling of the throat and face

•    Menstrual cycle

•    Fatigue

•    Inequality in reproduction capacity

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