Medical Test to find out, if you have Coronavirus?

CORONAVIRUS- This name has become an extreme fear and that made everyone aware. Now people have new phobia in their life and in this phobia you cannot meet anyone even not your love ones. After visiting around the globe now this coronavirus strike in India. Everyone now facing one query in their mind that, how do find out if I and my family have been infected with this dangerous virus?

Here we try to get the relevant information on how it is being diagnosed and know if someone has caught the dangerous virus that has already killed in thousands.

What’s the name test that detects coronavirus?

This COVID-19 – does not have an easily available test kit. But it can nevertheless be detected by a series of body tests in the hospital.

Labs which can provide the coronavirus tests?

Tests for the virus can only be conducted in specialised labs that are certified to do so.

What kinds of tests happens during a coronavirus test?

The lab will acquire one of the following samples from you

A swab test: The lab will take a special cotton swab and sample the inside of the throat or nose

A nasal aspirate: The lab will inject a saline solution into your nose, then remove the sample with gentle suction.

A tracheal aspirate: A thin, lighted tube called a bronchoscope goes into your lungs, where a sample will be collected.

A sputum test: Sputum is a variation of mucus from your lungs that can be coughed out or sampled from the nose with a swab

A blood test: The collected sample will be analysed for the virus, either through a blanket test for all variants of the coronavirus (including regular flu) or through a specialised gene sequencing test that locates the marker for the novel coronavirus.

When should you take a test for coronavirus?

Well, you may get a test if you feel sick or you had travelled around the world, where infection rates are high.

You may require a test if you have had close contact with someone who has travelled to one of those areas.

The symptoms of COVID-19 include: Fever Cough Shortness of breath Sore throat

Is there any cure for coronavirus or COVID-19?

As of now, there is no cure for COVID-19 infection.

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