Top 5 Tips for Boosting Your Memory

30-Second Summary for Boost Memory

  • With age, it’s normal to become forgetful about trivial things like where you left your phone or keys.
  • Luckily, there’s a myriad of strategies and systems that you can use to help you keep track of everything and stay on top of it.
  • Apart from older people, teenagers and university students can also significantly benefit from boosting their memory.
  • Cramming for the next big exam is never easy, and anyone could always use a little outside help.
  • Keep reading to learn more about how to quickly improve your memory, recall, and retention of important information.


If you’re feeling like you’re becoming forgetful lately or would like to strengthen and improve your memory while studying, then this article is for you.

The human brain is a remarkable structure that can adapt, create unique neural pathways, and alter existing ones. We know this as neuroplasticity, and with the proper strategy and approach, you can master the art of modulating it to a certain extent to manage your cognitive abilities. Ultimately, if you work hard and long enough, you might be able to change the way you approach recalling and retaining new information.

Apart from implementing these top strategies into your routine, you can also start with a natural dietary supplement that will provide you with essential nutrients for memory. Check out some Noocube reviews online and decide for yourself if it might be something you’re looking for.

Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Memory

1. Stay Mentally Active and Challenge Yourself Daily

Physical activity keeps your body in top form, but your brain needs exercising as well. Think about your brain as if it’s a muscle that you can train and strengthen. Some of the best activities to boost brain power and memory include crossword puzzles, sudoku, chess, reading books, and studying.

Additionally, many studies show that regularly playing musical instruments may improve cognitive abilities, especially in older adults. So, pick up your musical instrument and start playing! If you can’t play any instruments, it’s even better! You’ll start from scratch and see how fun it can be to learn to play an instrument.

Look for activities that are a challenge, teach you something new, and are rewarding. It can be anything from learning a new language, sports, or even dancing.

2. Get Organized and Socialize Regularly

Arguably the best strategy to take not to forget your keys, phone, or appointments, is to get things in order so that it’s easier to remember. In the mornings, write down your tasks and assignments for the day. You can always use a designated notebook, calendar, or planner for extra convenience.

The best way to improve memory that works for most people is to keep valuables, such as your phone, keys, and wallet, in the same pockets. This time, when you’re going out of home or leaving the office, you would just have to check your pockets to make sure all your belongings are there.

Numerous studies demonstrate that chronic stress, depression, and anxiety disorders can impair cognitive function and possibly make you forgetful. A great tip to counteract signs of stress and depression is to use every opportunity to spend some quality time with friends and family.

3. Follow a Healthy Diet to Increase Memory

Following a balanced and nutritious diet is paramount for your physical and mental wellbeing. Go for fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain to make sure you’re giving your brain enough energy all the time. Also, practice shows that low-fat, high-protein diets are the best choice for staying sharp and on top of everything.

In terms of avoiding certain foods, you’d want to stay away from alcohol, trans fats, and sweetened foods and drinks. These can cause insulin spikes and lethargy and cause you to lose motivation.

Furthermore, to make sure you’re getting all the essential nutrients to boost your memory and cognitive abilities, check out a few Noocube reviews and see if Noocube might be a good option for you.

4. Don’t Underestimate Physical Activity

Apart from helping you stay in top shape, physical activity can also boost brain power and improve your overall cognitive abilities. Exercising promotes blood circulation and reduces the risk for various conditions, including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It keeps your vessels healthy and increases oxygen delivery to your brain to keep it sharp and boost memory.

Stick to aerobic exercises such as jogging, biking, and swimming. Apart from fighting forgetfulness, they will also lower high blood pressure, increase good cholesterol, and improve lung function. Aim to exercise at least three times a week and take a few short walks throughout the day to keep your metabolism going at a steady pace.

Exercising early in the morning before breakfast might be the best way to start your day. Many people share that they feel much more energetic and focused during the day after getting into the habit of working out every morning for a few minutes.

5. Have Enough Sleep

Last but not least, getting enough sleep during the night is paramount for your cognitive function. Various studies over the years have shown that sleep deprivation has a significant adverse effect on cognitive performance. Aim for at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night to stay in top shape.

A few tips to have in mind are to set up a regular sleep schedule. Look to go to bed during the night relatively at the same time, and get up at the same time in the mornings. Additionally, make sure you avoid screens for an hour before bed and cut off caffeine after 5 pm. Once you fix your sleeping patterns, you’ll start noticing the positive effects in just a few weeks.

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The Takeaway 

Should you start noticing some forgetfulness and drop in cognitive abilities, you don’t need to be disheartened. With these tips and strategies, you’ll get back to your former sharpness in no time.

Start following a balanced and healthy diet and exercise plan, organize your day, reduce stress, fix your sleep, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Arguably the best way to improve memory is to keep calm your mind and body and make your brain active and challenge it every day. All it takes is persistence and dedication. 

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