Types of Diabetes, Symptoms and Diabetic Testing Materials

Are you using the bathroom more than usual?

Are you unusually feels thirsty or hungry?

Is fatigue a normal, everyday feeling?

Does natural, blurred vision interfere with you daily life?

Facing symptoms like these, you may have Diabetes.

Diabetes effects over sixteen million Americans, and many people are unaware they have it. Every day, 2,200 new cases of Diabetes are diagnosed in the United States. Diabetes is characterized by a high level of sugar in the blood, as a result of defective insulin secretion, or insulin resistance.

Although we tend to group all people with Diabetes together, the truth is that there are two different types of Diabetes that are similar in their elevated blood sugar, but different in many other ways. Here we’ll also discuss the types of diabetes and diabetes test materials.

Type-1 Diabetes:

Types of Diabetes, Symptoms and Diabetic Testing Materials

Type-1 Diabetes is usually diagnosed in children, and young adults. It is characterized by the Pancreas’ inability to produce insulin. It is thought that this inability arises from an autoimmune condition. Basically the body is killing its own insulin producing cells. The symptoms of type-1 Diabetes are very obvious, frequent urination, increased thirst, and weight loss. The onset is usually abrupt, and severe.

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In addition, having type1 Diabetes increases your risk for many serious complications, heart disease, blindness, nerve damage, and kidney damage. Treatment consists of intermediate or long-acting insulin (taken once or twice daily) with fast- or rapid-acting insulin injections taken at mealtimes.

Type-2 Diabetes:

Type-2 Diabetes often develops rather insidiously, showing few or no symptoms. The symptoms are similar to type-1; however they develop gradually over time. This may explain why it often goes undetected at first. The cells of the body being resistant to insulin characterize the most common form of diabetes, type-2. The Pancreas still produces insulin; however the body cannot use it efficiently. Type-2 usually develops in men or women over 40 years of age, characterized by obesity, and lack of physical activity.

In particular, people who are an “apple-shape” – with lots of fat around the abdomen – are at greater risk of developing diabetes. Type-2 Diabetes runs in families, and is particularly common among people of African-Caribbean or Asian origin. Similarly, having type-2 Diabetes increases your risk for many serious complications, as type-1. Unlike type-1, type-2 Diabetes can usually be controlled with diet, exercise or medicines.

If you suspect you may have Diabetes, it is important to see your doctor, especially if you fall into any of the categories previously mentioned. Discovering you have Diabetes is frightening, doesn’t panic, people with Diabetes can live long, healthy, happy lives. Eat right and exercise. It’s a simple prescription that will keep you healthy, whether you have diabetes or not.

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Things about Diabetic Testing Materials:

Things about Diabetic Testing Materials

In diabetes, there is usually something wrong with the pancreas and its production of the hormone insulin. Your system needs insulin in order that blood sugar can enter body cells and be converted into energy. The pancreas may well not produce any insulin in any way or produce inadequate insulin to maintain blood glucose at normal levels.

To measure blood glucose levels, diabetic testing supplies are required. Here are some of today’s most commonly used diabetic testing supplies:

Glucometer – The Glucose Meter

A glucometer or blood glucose meter is usually a popular technique for diabetics to evaluate and monitor blood sugar levels at the comfort of their homes. The glucometer is a small, hand-held device that can provide a blood sugar reading within a number of seconds.

For a reading to become made, a small amount of blood will have to be procured by pricking your sensitive skin using a lancet and after that placing the blood on the test strip. The glucometer will analyze the blood on the test strip and determine the blood glucose level.

Diabetic Test Strips

Test strips are diabetic testing materials that are useful to hold a small amount of blood when calculating blood glucose with a glucometer. They can be thin plastic planes designed for one-time use. They must be discarded right after a blood glucose reading is made.

Things about Diabetic Testing Materials:

You will need to use test strips which are appropriate for the glucometer being used. Some are designed for specific glucometers and won’t focus on other diabetic testing supplies.

Diabetic Lancets

Lancets are devices used to prick your skin, typically the finger, so that you can extract blood for glucose monitoring. It is accessible in many sizes or gauges. The larger the gauge of the lancet, the thinner it can be.

It will be less painful to lances of higher gauges for the reason that skin tear produced is small. The tiny perforation, however, will sometimes help it become difficult for diabetics to attract enough blood to have an accurate reading.

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Diabetics should take extra care to never reuse lancets accidentally simply because this may lead to infections and diseases.

Diabetic lancets can be utilized alone or having a lancing device. Lancing products are diabetic testing supplies which might be accustomed to mechanically puncture your skin with a lancet. These devices permit diabetics to modify the deepness of a skin puncture that is beneficial in reducing pain.

Good blood glucose monitoring kits will frequently incorporate a lancing tool and other essential diabetic testing supplies.

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