Useful Routine Workouts for Beginners to Get Shredded!

Routine workouts are best for beginners because the muscles will work very hard, also Craig Ballantyne, as you can see, he is ripped, using bodyweight routines workout, this can be achieved, with his workout manual! remember when routines workout for beginners was meant to pack on pounds of muscle as they promised, but it never happened,

The gym instructors would advise you to eat more every day and to work out hard. I noticed I was gaining weight, but then realized there was fat too, what happened? Basically what had happened was that the diet wasn’t in place, and the workout was too based on compound exercises, and this was just packing muscle everywhere, and it just didn’t look good!

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What kind of beginner routine workouts is good for you?

I would say bodyweight exercises are the best for a beginner routine because, you are using your own bodyweight for resistance, and there are many variations you can do, till you are properly conditioned to be able to handle more weight, this is when you move onto free weights if you are looking to get even more defined. The benefit of performing bodyweight exercises is that they can also be done in a circuit, to make it an overall body performance for cardio, and intensity on muscles.

Without rest between each exercise, exercises will be performed back to back until one whole set is over, this is the best way to get ripped. It also saves you a heck of a lot of time in the long term.

Trust me, this will have you all read and sweating, that’s when you know have the HGH flush going through your body, this good help to lose fat, and promote further growth in the muscles. You get the best of both worlds in bodyweight routines, this can be seen as cardio or a proper workout, but I will also recommend adding in some strength training to add extra definition to your muscles to give you that athletic build that just oozes sex appeal as well as confidence. For more effective exercise you can use a waist trainer for men.

Beginner routine workouts will get you ripped in no time

These workouts were made by another fitness instructor called Craig Ballantyne, he specializes in bodyweight circuits for effective fat loss, and muscle definition from only bodyweight exercises, and he has a product called Turbulence Training, which has many bodyweight circuits that will help to sculpt your body into a lean machine.

I would recommend checking his product out, as I have tried these workouts, and they are killer! I was gasping for air, my face was red, and I was sweating, these are the signs of a hard workout! This piled up with Strength Training, and Intermittent Fasting will be a double act, and you will achieve even quicker results, as all these put together will give you a really good platform to achieving an amazing body.

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A quick sample of Turbulence Training for routine workouts:

  1. 60 Jumping Jacks: Extend your arms all the way up when performing these.
  2. 20 Spiderman Pushups: these feel painful after jumping jacks, but really do work your body well.
  3. 20 Walking Lunges: I take 10 steps per side. This is the only part of the workout where you’re taking it easy really!
  4. 20 Spiderman Climb: I do 10 per side, you can really feel these working the abs and obliques too.
  5. Wall Squat: Do for 45-60 seconds. Sit on the wall, and keep your hands down your side, so there’s no cheating!
  6. Plank: Do for 60 seconds. This is quite tough after the previous exercises.
  7. 5 Burpees: Do a full push up and once you have gone down all the way, put all your strength and force into jumping up into the air with your arms in the air.
  8. 50 High Knees: as fast as you can do them, just count 25 with one leg, as the other will follow, thus making it 50.

Repeat this 3 times, but I would advise doing 2 for now and working up to 3. After each set rest 60 seconds, a whole set is performing all the exercises on the list back to back, until all 8 exercises have been performed, then take a 60-second rest, and then start again, keep doing this and you will be ripped in no time, with intermittent fasting in place too. This is great for a beginner routine.

If you like the look of this workout, then check out the kayawell website for more information on Turbulence Training, you can get the main version from here, with the bodyweight exercise manual as well, this will be very useful if you would like to keep experimenting with new bodyweight exercises, trust me, check his material out, you will be impressed.

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