WildLife Week

Wild Life Week in India

Wildlife Week is celebrated all over the country in the month of October from 2nd to 8th October every year with the view to preserve the fauna means the animal life of the India. Wild Life Week 2013 would be celebrated this year for the whole week from Wednesday (2nd October) to the Tuesday (8th October). It was first started in the year 1952 with the great vision of saving the life of the Indian animals by taking some critical steps. It involves the planning to save animal extinction of any species of the India. The Indian Government has established an Indian Board of Wild Life which works to improve the awareness as well as the consciousness of the Indian people towards the wildlife preservation.


Wild Life Week 2018 will be celebrated from Tuesday (2nd of October) to the Monday (8th of October).


To make the wildlife saving plans successful, varieties of sanctuaries and national parks have been already launched in the appropriate localities all across the country. A Wild Life Week celebration was planned to arouse the general awakening of the normal people in the country towards the protection of wildlife. It has decided to celebrate the event for one week in the month of October every year by organizing some special activities connected with the wildlife conservation.

The Government of India organizes a variety of activities during this great period through the environmentalists, activists, educators who encourage and accelerate the people mind to become aware of the wildlife conservation. As being a mega-storehouse country, India has stored a variety of fauna species.

Every year several conferences, awareness programmes, public meetings and etc are held to manage this big plan. Various schools and institutions aware their students through the wildlife-related movie screening, essay writing, painting competition, debate competition and many more.

Throughout the Wild Life week, people of all ages learn from experts through the seminars, lectures as well as hands-on workshops in order to become more closure to the nature. Wildlife preservation is the plan to manage wildlife alongside with the human progress. Both of which are connected by each other on this earth, therefore it is necessary to save the wildlife.


Kids are the most important aspects of understanding the means and purposes of the celebrating the Wild Life Week. In this way we would be able to change the entire human mind towards the wildlife conservation one day. Look for doing something new fun and meaningful activities for the whole week with your kids. Encourage your kids to participate in the educational programs designed at many places like schools, camps and etc in order to get more learning about the wonders of nature.

Plan a trip with your family where kids can easily get all the learning about the wildlife conservation and maintenance. They must understand the important aspects of the wild life in their own life. Parents can better assist kids to understand that nature is a beautiful God gift which needs to be preserved and honoured. Some of the related points are:

> Kids should be encouraged to learn more things about the different wildlife animals and to participate in the quiz competition to increase their knowledge.

> Follow new fun-filled activities (like storytelling, playing animals charades, Panda crafting, building rain art and etc) to get their interests and precious attention.

> Planting the tree is a big participation to the Wild Life Week campaign.

> Organize some game and music activities like fun facts, puzzles, mazes and animal piano for the kids to enjoy nature.

> Teach the kids about wildlife through the posters, cards or discussion.


To make people more aware of the conservation and protection of the wild life.
> To focus the people’s attention towards the importance of conservation of the wild life.
> To implement more services to preserve the wild life.
> To discuss all the issues related to the preservation of the wild life.


The theme of 2011 was “Wildlife That Move Us”.
> The theme of 2013 was “Branching Out for Wildlife”.
> The theme of 2014 was “Wildlife and Water”.
> The theme of 2015 was “Living with Wildlife”.


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