Just 3 Poses For Instant Pain Relief During Periods

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When it is that time of the month, we all know what trauma a woman goes through. There’s a blood tsunami going on in your underpants, you have constant mood swings, you crave food, chocolate and what not and then you are down with unbearable pain. 

You can manage the flow, you can manage the mood swings, you can manage the craving for food but when it comes to the pain that you experience during periods, you cannot manage or even bear with it. Your legs are paining and your arms are paining, you have a stiff neck, your entire body is aching, but the pain in the abdominal region is worst.   

Some women prefer taking medication to get relief from pain during periods while some prefer to lie down and cry. If you too just prefer to lie down and cry, you can try this simple and easy yoga poses to ease the pain.

Child’s Pose

Area: Lower back pain

Level: Easy

Take a yoga mat, kneel down on it and sit straight. Now, slowly exhale and bend forward. Bend further down and rest your entire body on your thighs and your forehead touching the ground. You will feel your entire back stretching. Stay like this for a minute and then release to get back in initial position, sitting back on your heels.

Bow Pose

Area: The whole front body, for your abdominal region and bloating

Level: Intermediate

Start with lying face first on a yoga mat. Place your hands and feet inches apart. Now, slowly bend your hands and legs backwards while exhaling. Try holding your toes while trying to stretch towards the ceiling. Try to go higher. Move your thighs higher off the mat. Your chest and head should also be lifted off the mat and higher. Stay in this position for 10 to 15 seconds and then get back to the initial position and rest for a while.

Camel Pose

Area: Abdominal muscles and hip

Level: Advanced

Kneel down on the yoga mat. Now, exhale and bend backwards, stretch your arms backside and touch your toes. You will feel your spine stretching along with your abdominal muscles. Stretch your throat and move your head backwards. Stay like this for a minute and then release to get back in initial position, sitting back on your heels. 

These poses will provide instant relief from pain in abdomen, legs, back, lower back during periods