How To Get The Perfect Body Shape

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Genetics, lifestyle and other natural factors give men different body shapes. All men have a certain type of body shape may be like an apple, pear, or a ruler, but what do these shapes mean.

Pear Shape: Men with this shape are larger in the hips and thighs than in the chest and arms. The arms and chest are petite

Hourglass Shape: This is considered as the perfect shape for women but men with this shape need not worry that they have a girly figure. Many football players have an hourglass shape; that is they have small waists and hips, and broad shoulders and muscular thighs

Ruler Shape: if you are ruler shaped it means that you are probably pretty thin, and have minimal muscle build up

Apple Shape: Men with this body shape have larger chest and arms, and a small waist.  They have a small butt and legs and may look like they have a heavy top

Muscular body: The ideal or best shape for a man is like an upside-down triangle. Men with this body shape have broad shoulders and a solid muscular chest and a smaller lower body

How to Get a Perfect Body Shape

All men have an inherent desire to have a perfect body shape. A perfect body shape makes you look good, but it is important that you are fit as well as healthy. For achieving a great muscular body you really don’t have to burn yourself out. A healthy and muscular body needs adequate exercise and a diet pattern with the right number of calories, proteins and other nutrients. All of you need to follow this plan very sincerely to see the desired results.

Plan Your Exercise

Many of us make a decision to burn the extra fat and get a body that is lean and muscular, but most of us leave the plan midway. Plan your exercises based on your shape and weight (whether you are underweight or obese, and what kind of shape do you want). It is essential that you make realistic goals while planning your body shape. You have to decide if you want to get a better general condition, shape and wellness or improve to get the perfect body appearance. You are more likely to stick to a moderate exercise program that you enjoy. Make an exercise schedule to improve your muscle mass and strength, general well being and health, and the flexibility and agility of your body. The main purpose of your exercise should be losing the extra weight and burn the extra calories if you are obese.

Plan Your Diet

For weight loss, it is important to limit calorie intake specifically according to your body type and structure. Consult your doctor before you start dieting. Limit calories according to the requirement of your body and do regular exercise to burn calories, which are stored in your body as fat. The diet you eat should give you adequate amount of calories and the nutrients needed (such as proteins, vitamins and minerals). Dieting can have a negative and even harmful effect on the body if it is deficient in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Gradually, reduction in the calorie intake is recommended.

The secret to get a perfect body shape is to do everything from A to Z, from your breakfast to your workouts to rest and long sleep. Remember that there are no shortcuts and needs self-discipline and determination. There is no magic spell, which can give you a great body. Follow your trainer’s recommendations for practice comprising of weightlifting, strength training, coherence training, weight precision etc and diet.

Tips for Men to Get a Perfect Muscular Body

Do Correct Exercises: Get the right equipment and do the correct exercises under the guidance of a trainer

Do Warm-up before Exercising: Before starting your exercise routine, do warm up exercises like skipping, jogging, treadmill exercises or sprightly walking

Have Fluids: Drink lots of water before, in between and after practice sessions

Follow a Diet-chart: Consult your trainer and dietitian to plan your diet that has the right proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats needed to build muscle mass

Take Supplements: There are several supplements that are available in the market. Take supplements as advised by your trainer befitting as per your specific requirements

Sleep Properly: Sleep well and take adequate rest as the body builds and heals itself at rest, not only while doing exercises. All your exercises will go a waste if you do not give your body time to rest and heal