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9 Proven Benefits Of Tarragon

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Tarragon is a popular cooking herb regarded by many as one of the best seasoning ingredients in French cooking. The herb which is known scientifically as Artemisia Dracunculus and also as dragon herb is a perennial plant native to large swathes of Europe, Asia, North America and Mexico. Tarragon is a good source vitamin A and iron and contains trace amounts of potassium and calcium. Here are we are discussing the health benefits of tarragon and tea.

The plant grows to around 120 centimeters in height with branched stems that produce slender, aromatic leaves with an aroma like licorice or anise.

The leaves and the stems can both be used in the kitchen either dried or fresh though fresh leaves are likely to contain more health value. Tarragon has been cultivated for thousands of years with written records dating to around 500 B.C.

There are several types of tarragon with French tarragon being the best for use in the kitchen. Apart from its culinary uses, the herb also has some outstanding medicinal properties that can be used to treat a range of conditions.

In fact, in the days before modern medicine, like many tarragon herb benefits, tarragon was widely used in traditional medicine in various parts of the world.

Apart from its specific health benefits, tarragon is a great addition to the diet because of its antioxidant value and its excellent mineral and vitamin content. 

Tarragon can be added to your meals to give them a French flourish but can also be made into a delicious healthy tea. A powerful essential oil is also extracted from the herb while it is also available as an ingredient in certain supplements.

Recent research has indicated that tarragon can help improve muscle and body composition and a supplement combining creatine with tarragon is popular with body builders.

Tarragon essential oil which is derived from the plant’s flowering tops and leaves is used to treat a range of health issues including rheumatism, and as a digestive stimulant.



Like many herbs and plants, tarragon can boast excellent antioxidant properties. It is important that we take advantage of nature’s antioxidants because they help keep the body in the best working order.

Antioxidants help protect the body from cellular damage caused by free radicals and neutralize their effect. For this reason, antioxidants help protect the body from numerous serious illnesses and also help stave off aging.

Adding food like tarragon to your diet should help you to stay healthier and appear younger for longer. What’s not to like about that?

2. Tarragon Benefits to Skin

Tarragon is also used to cleanses skin. The residue obtained from the distilled, steamed tarragon leaves is a great antioxidant and cleans impurities from the skin. The leaves are crushed, grinded and mixed in the preparation of soaps and body washes. A great source of potassium, it helps to destroy germs and bacteria.


Tarragon has traditionally been consumed as a general digestive tonic. It can increase the liver’s production of bile which is vital for efficient digestion. Eating tarragon or drinking a cup of tarragon tea can help settle the stomach and relieve a variety of symptoms related to poor digestion.

These include gas, bloating, dyspepsia and stomach irritation. It has also been used traditionally to treat and eliminate intestinal parasites.


Tarragon is often used to boost the appetite which is especially useful for people recovering from sickness or a course of treatment. As tarragon herb benefits itself can be used on cooking to boost the appetite and many people find that its essential oil has a similar effect. Many older people suffer from their poor appetites and tarragon may be a great help for them.


Tarragon appears to have mild sedative qualities. Of course, there are no guarantees and what works for one person may not work for the next. However, a cup of tarragon tea after a stressful day at the office may take the edge off your nerves. It might also help you to get a good night’s sleep if you re suffering from insomnia. It is certainly worth a go especially considering its other many health benefits.


The antioxidants contained in tarragon can help keep your body’s most important organs functioning properly and that includes your cardiovascular system. This protects us from two stroke and heart attack which are two of the deadliest killers in the modern world.


Tarragon is rich in beta carotene which is known to be essential for healthy eye function. Adding plenty of tarragon to your diet might protect against any future degeneration of the eyes.


Tarragon Recent research has demonstrated that the Russian variety of tarragon can help people to build muscle and improve their body composition. The study which was published in 2014 backed up some previous studies by finding that tarragon helps increase creatine absorption in the muscles. This is a similar effect to the absorption that happens when a person eats a large amount of carbohydrate.

This is significant because if tarragon works in the same way, then people do not need to carbo-load in order to improve muscle mass. Not only is this good news for body builders but it may have potential for people looking to control their weight and improve overall body shape.


Tarragon has emmenagogue properties and may be a useful natural aid for women with irregular or suppressed menstruation. It has also been used by women to maintain overall reproductive health. Because of its potential to stimulate menstruation, it is not recommended for pregnant women to use it in large doses.


Tarragon is an excellent natural remedy for those awful toothaches that usually have us rushing to the pharmacy for a pain relief remedy. There is written evidence that the herb has been used to treat toothaches since ancient Greece because it has the ability to dull and numb oral pain.

People in those days simply chewed on the leaves to ease the pain. Its pain relieving qualities is due to the high level of eugenol present in the herb. Eugenol is the same compound found in clove oil and is the reason that clove is such a popular remedy for the teeth.

Not only does tarragon help relieve toothache but it can also be used to ease gum inflammation and pain which often accompanies toothache.

One effective way to treat your dental pain is to make a gargle mix by adding a few drops of tarragon essential oil to a glass of water. With any luck, it will ease your pain and it should also ensure your breath smells nice and fresh.

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